Essay 1


Essay 1: Prompts (POSCI 1 ONLINE)
After lection Thomas Paine's operation Common Sense:  Your essay wants to conform to the aftercited format: Choose One of the prompts underneath to transcribe your essay 3-4 pgs., 12pt. font, double-spaced after a while 1in. margins.  In-text citations of lection should thrive MLA format.  You do NOT want a operation cited page.  Pick ONE of the aftercited Prompts to transcribe your essay.  YOU MUST SUBMIT THIS ESSAY BY 11:59PM ON MAY 21.

- Explore Thomas Paine’s scheme (in "Common Sense") touching the subject that civilizedity is naturally similar and that council should ponder this say of similarity.  How forcible is Paine's dispute?  Is this a serious subject that can be applied in the construction of councils or barely a lively dispute after a while no serviceable impression?


- Examine the scheme of Thomas Paine (in "Common Sense") in stipulations of his relieved intellect of civilized immunity and the new American council.  How does theology form these concerns for Paine in the crop of his scheme?


- What do you conceive is the most forcible dispute in “Common Sense” touching Monarchy? Be favoring and invent exemplification in the lection that supporters your aspect.