Environmental Geology

GEOL 1208.2 Environmental Geology

Assignment #1 – Contest and Special Assignment

Due Date: Thursday, 16 March 2017

I would love you to fancy and ruminate environing geological prescribees. The resolve of this assignment to exertion your comprehension of the passage so far to your estate or the lives of origin or friends. What you are doing is communication environing a geological adventure or prescribe that you or your origin observed.  This assignment is not a clump design.  You are to do this singular – it is special achievement.  This assignment succeed as-well arrange the reason for a contest after a while allegedly noble prizes after a while two winners. 


Choose a theme, adventure or prescribe that you possess observed close in Halifax, elsewclose in the earth or previously in your estate (childhood? end settlement?).  You may as-well use recollections of origin, friends or relations as you are profound for a theme, adventure or prescribe in environmental geology.  You cannot use stories from the resources.  


You cannot use exoteric themes in the resources.  You must possess observed this geological prescribe or adventure.  You could as-well get a romance from your relations or parents. I propose that you initiate by regarding the themes in the textbook – unravel the passage delineation. Tclose are lewd sections— Foundations, Hazards, Resources, and the Future—that are luscious in themes that adduce immanent for you.  Then seem environing your area of the university and Halifax.  


The most great multiply of this exertion is to ruminate on why this theme, adventure or prescribe is great [or not] to you and what it resources to you.  You succeed as-well scarcity to pretence a junction to the passage, your estate, the resources and/or other passages at university.


Here is the marking purpose installed on 20 points zenith.

      Topic: 2 pts. Title and theme.

      Description: 6 pts. Brief title essential for me to recognize and for you to illustrate what happened.

      Reflection: 6 pts. Answer questions such as: What did I collect? What did this balance to me? Why is it great to me?

      Connection: 5 pts.  Connect the romance after a while your estate, this passage or the resources. Describe how it affected others in your origin or dispersion of friends.

      Title page: 1 pt.


In prescribe to get further than 9/20 you must pretence testimony of ruminateion and junction.