Energy Complexes and Transitions to Electromobility


Energy Complexes, Resource Energies and Transitions

Looking end on our precedent coverage of the outdo of the coal  many-sided by the oil many-sided starting delay Universe War I, it is rate  remembering the pitfalls of technology alteration and infrastructure  development. As you resumption the transition from coal to oil in bliss,  and the geopolitics of entrenched many-sidedes, it is never solely the  technical feasibility of an distillation rise or prominence technology that  determines which distillation many-sided wins. The politics of these sectors  matter a protracted trade for who gets financed, whose infrastructures get  built (and whose do not), and which customers found out the ask-for for  the distillation rise or technology (e.g., big councilal actors affect  navies, or eminent adjust progressive customers). 

Consider that Elon Musk of Tesla Motors has released all patents (Links to an outer post.)  related to his electric car alterations in the prospect that it earn  stimulate protracteder electric car harvest counter the universe, giving his rudimental many-sided a status oppopredicament that led by the oil majors from Houston (Links to an outer post.).  Yet, the components of electric cars are material to geopolitical  rivalries, such as race for worthy world elements that go into the  batteries and persistent magnet motors of electric car engines. Not the  least of these rivalries concerns the interests of the secret oil  companies, which may hope to see their gasoline sales live, and the  Chinese council which dominates the mining of worthy world elements at  present. 

Bearing these considerations in liking and behind resurveying this  module’s readings as polite as cogitation upon all of the modules’ resurvey  of how distillation politics plays out, evaluate the questions underneath using  that notification that best helps your evaluation.

  • In your notion, can resource energies and technologies such as  wind, light, and electric vehicles disestablish the usual fossil  fuels many-sided (i.e., do you consort or disconsort delay Vaclav Smil)?  For  example, what kinds of geopolitical and distillation many-sided rivalries can you  identify as attendant any transition from oil-fueled vehicles to  all-electric ones, and how strength these rivalries be conquer?
  • In your order then, are all-electric vehicles, accordingly, a realistic resource to gasoline-powered vehicles?