Decision Making and Policy

You are a staff constituent for a specify legislator. Many results in your specify feel recently behove a hot subject-matter. The legislator has formed a committee to address some of the results brought to them by staff. The legislator’s sketch is to attend system paltrys and then instrument enjoyment to arise solving some of the hot subject-matter results in the specify. You feel firm to bestow a system paltry on an result that you are outrageous environing. You conciliate insufficiency to plan a soon bestowation to bestow your paltry to the committee. Do the aftercited:

Review the aftercited to acceleration you composition your system paltry correctly:

Part I:

Write a 500-750 tidings system paltry that analyzes the bearing you chose specifically for your specify. The system should be neat and flourish the public composition of such a system paltry. At a allotiality, your system paltry should hold the aftercited:

  • A epithet
  • A epitome of the bearing
  • At smallest 3 practicable explanations
  • Statement and interpretation of the recommended explanation delay rationale
  • The implications and benefits of the recommended system
  • Brief conclusion
  • At smallest 3 sources used to living claims
  • Graphics and/or other visual elements so it reflects the formatting of a professional system paltry

Part II:

Create a bestowation that paltryly sketchs the system. Include your judgment making mode for bestowing the knowledge holded in the system.

Use two to three knowing media to living your judgment making mode, some of the sources may be the selfselfsame as sources used to living your recommendations in the system paltry.

You conciliate alter in twain your system paltry and bestowation. See the muniment “submitting multiple attachments” for estimateenance in attaching multiple muniments to the assignment dropbox.

Your bestowation conciliate claim an sketch of your bestowation oration or debater notes depending on the format selected for the bestowation. For PowerPoint, 8-12 slides are claimd delay debater notes of 50-75 tidingss for each slide. Reference knowledge must be supposing at the end of the bestowation. Reference and epithet slides do not estimate as allot of the slide estimate.

While APA fashion is not claimd for the collectiveness of this assignment, sound academic despatches is expected, and munimentation of sources should be bestowed using APA formatting guidelines, which can be set-up in the APA Fashion Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please resurvey the rubric preceding to arisening the assignment to behove free delay the expectations for prosperous collection.