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Map Journal Outline


1. You determined on a subject and now it is interval to adjust your purposes in command to visualize it using the Map Journal contact. The most challenging dissect of the assignment is finished.


2. Develop the sub-topics that you deficiency to use to aid your main subject purpose. This is where you reckon methodically about what, where, who or when is weightous to highlight in your Map Journal. Depending on your important subject, sub subjects may standpoint on its “global” aspects, a characterization of people or groups the Map Project concentrates on, or fix descriptions. Be attentive that each sub-subject conciliate illustrate merely one panel in a Map Journal. It is recommended that you shirk making a inventory of sub-topics. Draft real statements at this interval. The model dimension of the Map Journal is 7 panels, including the preparatory panel. Therefore, the assignment requires you to feel 6 sub-topics.


3. Bestow your Map Journal a constitution that has a close stream. Now that you feel your sub-topics, you must fix them in an command that the auditory conciliate know. Simply put, betray a anecdote using the sub-topics that 2 you identified. Whether you use chronology, rule, or global vs. persomal draw as the arrival in presenting your Map Journal, you must bestow it constitution.


4. Add matter and varnish to the delineation of the Map Journal. Now that you feel your sub-topics and some constitution, deem how you hope to visualize the anecdote. Visual gratified includes such items as maps, photos, illustrations, charts and graphs, or videos. Each Map Journal must include a map that the tyro produces using his or her own facts and ESRI’s ArcGIS Online software. However, for the delineation assignment, you are merely citing where visual gratified conciliate be inserted into the anecdote. There is no insufficiency to use the software at this weight.