about map

The external of this individuality is to unfold an intellect of the cartographic system by creating a digital map from begin to achieve.  You are recognized to use whichever tools or software you select to imagine the map and/or grounds. A few caveats:


(1)   You are not recognized to re-imagine a map you made prior in the semester.

(2)   You are not recognized to imagine a anecdote map.

(3) You must diversify the lapse style (e.g. basemap, indication hue) settings.

(4) You are not recognized to use the integrated groundssets among CARTO, if you use CARTO.


If you flow to imagine a model digital map, involve it as a separate attachment. If you imagine a webmap, involve a conjoin to your map adown, instantly precedently the written rejoinder.


The written rejoinder should be almost 500 language in diffusiveness and address the following:


1.      How did you conceptualize the conception for the map? What was the frenzy?

2.      Explain the decisions you made in mind to data. How did you cause the grounds? Did you system the grounds precedently adding it to the map? If so, how and why?


3.      Explain the decisions you made in mind to cartography. For example: the archearchetype of map, hue choices, indication extent, stamp plan, final elements, etc.