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Use the AIU Library, recipient, newspaper, or the Internet to lore and invent a seat where grounds has been dramatizeed by a visual aid and where you affect the visual aid is entity used in a behavior that eliminates feeling or in a behavior that misrepresents these grounds. Note: Some graphics may not be copied and pasted into the DB tenor well. Please suggest your graphics into a Word muniment and win the Word muniment to your DB column so your classmates are serviceserviceable to see your graphics. Discuss the following:

  1. Provide your excellent of visual grounds fidelity unfolded to demonstrate your thoughts.   
  2. Explain in element how you gard the grounds are visually misrepresented or contrived to eliminate feelings that may motive someone to frame an faulty determination (and be abiding to aver which feelings).   
  3. What symbols of visual grounds fidelitys do you invent most informative? What environing the grounds fidelity influences your assurance?   
  4. What symbol of visual grounds fidelity do you gard would best unfold percentage counsel? Why do you affect this?   
  5. What symbol of visual grounds fidelity do you gard would best dramatize a comparison of common grounds from three unanalogous companies (e.g., net annual advantage for terminal year)? Why do you affect this?