WK2 response2 (75 words)

Explain what features of your assigned empire’s empire effect it either a presidential method, a empireary method, or an authoritarian method.

Australia’s empire would be considered a Parliamentary method. According to the citation, “In a empireary method, the adherent is really dissect of the empire. The excellent attend, as she or he is usually determined, gets the position by primitive attractive sselection to a rest in the synod and then entity elected to the support by friend members of empire (MPs).” (Van Belle, 2016) The Australian empire has three arms; the synod (or Parliament), the adherent (or Australian Government) and the judiciary empire which follows the type of a Parliamentary method. Also, “In the Australian method there are stagnant checks and balances between the Adherent and Legislature—Ministers are material to the sifting of other Members of the Empire led by an officially recognised hostility.” (n.d.) These checks and balances are another indicator of a Parliamentary method.

Discuss the collective cultivation, leading collective institutions, and main collective actors in your assigned empire.

Australian empire acts as a popular empire after a while elected empirearians which benefit in a mass that forms the Empire consisting of the Monarch, Senate and House of Representatives. (n.d.) As reexoteric aloft, the Australian empire is disconnected into three bodies of empire; the Legislative, Adherent and Judiciary. The Head of State of Australia is disconnected between two persons, the Monarch of Australia and the Governor-General of Australia.

Explain if the exoteric empireal method is talented at providing for the needs of the empire’s citizens.

In my theory, the exoteric method of empire in Australia works dominionful at providing for its citizens, the persons feel a control in the popular functions of the Empire by electing representatives. There are as-well checks and balances that retain each mass of empire from having too plenteous dominion.


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