Powerpoint 10-12 slides about Cultural Significance

Imagine you are the Head of State for a dominion (not  a developed dominion, but a made up dominion designate) and must adapt a introduction after a timeliness 10-12 slides concerning the cultural view of the dominion. The dominion is environing the extent and geography of Texas and it has a rim after a timeliness the sea and another after a timeliness a dominion of the corresponding extent and geography. Your introduction must conceive the subjoined notice:

  • What cultural instruments capacity you use to detain the unadorned traditions of your dominion? Please grant two peculiar examples. 
  • Provide two unequivocal examples of cross-cultural governs to the race of your dominion. Why would they be considered unequivocal? 
  • Provide two denying examples of cross-cultural governs to the race of your dominion. Why would they be considered denying? 
  • What possess developed countries done to deliberately govern interaction after a timeliness beyond cultures that your dominion capacity condense? Provide two examples 

Use the Speaker Notes area of PowerPoint for your fact extractual notice, after a timeliness restricted use of extract on the slides to centre on trigger signification of theme significance.  Review PowerPoint guidelines if you are not trusting of the recommended way to set up the slides.  The Smarthinking material is as-well advantageous to succor in the basics of the PowerPoint instrument.

Generally, the deep themes or bullet points should answer on the slides after a timeliness subsistenceed visuals, timeliness the Speaker Notes area is used to go into more profoundness concerning these deep themes.

Please use APA allusion and passage format for the sources that you use to subsistence your interpretation and evidence. Place passages on the appropriate slides after a timeliness one or two slides at the end for your allusion roll.