Population geography short assignment

Urban/Rural/Metro Area


Write a narrow essay using the subjoined questions as a train for forming your response:


When talking environing the fashionable field, we nurture to attribute to the structural fashionable field and the administrative fashionable field, after a while “structural” attributering to the built environment and “functional” attributering to socio-economic analogys and processes.


The Census Bureau defines fashionableized areas; the Office of Management and Budget defines metropolitan statistical areas. What is an fashionableized area? What is a metropolitan statistical area? Which of these kinds of geographic areas represents the structural fashionable field and which represents the administrative fashionable field?


What is the analogy between the Washington, DC-VA-MD fashionableized area and the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV metropolitan statistical area? Which existence represents the centre or feeling of the larger region? Which existence represents the region encompassing the centre and the areas influenced by the centre? Which of these types of entities includes bucolic region? Explain how bucolic region can be considered divorce of a administrative fashionable field?