phase 2

This week you procure commence agoing on Phase 2 of your succession purpose which is due in Module 06. Using the selfselfsimilar postulates set and variables for your clarified subject, add the forthcoming mention to your analysis:

  1. Discuss the consequence of constructing assurance seasons for the population medium.
    • What are assurance seasons?
    • What is a summit venerate?
    • What is the best summit venerate for the population medium? Explain.
    • Why do we deficiency assurance seasons?

  1. Find the best summit venerate of the population medium.


  1. Construct two assurance seasons for the population medium: a 95% assurance season and a 99% assurance season. Assume that your postulates is normally arranged and the population rule inconsequence is unknown.
  • Please pomp your composition for the fabric of these assurance seasons and be positive to fashionat your equations to fit the misspend fashion (may deficiency editing short).

  • Write a provision that uprightly interprets the assurance seasons in treatment of your clarified subject.

  • 5.     Compare and contrariety your findings for the 95% and 99% assurance seasons.

    o    Did you mention any changes in your season venerate? Explain.

    o    What quittance(s) can be drawn environing your season venerates when the assurance roll is increased? Explain.

    Be positive to number your responses to these questions using the selfselfsimilar quantity as overhead for your sections.