1. After a while deference to global connections, partnership after a while _______ offers the brightest present coming for
many African countries.
A. India
B. the European Union.
C. China
D. the United States.
2. Slum areas named shantytowns befall in _________ superior African cities, housing balance _________
percent of sophisticated populations.
A. five superior; 50
B. all; 70
C. some; 40
D. approximately all; 60
3. Tourism is the _______ toil in the earth.
A. second-largest
B. third-largest
C. fourth-largest
D. largest
4. As of 2008, the population of Australia was 21.3 darling, and the population of New Zealand was closer
to ________ darling.
A. 8
B. 12
C. 4
D. 10
5. After a while deference to Australia's aboriginal nations, animistic pious beliefs are characterized by _______
A. ancestor
B. sky-god
C. nature
D. sun
6. The cosmical vegetation portions of sub-Saharan Africa
A. singly answer to climatic provisions in areas of West Africa.
B. are heavily impacted by cosmical immateriality.
C. are all speciality of equatorial latitudes.
D. don't answer air-tight to climatic portions.
7. What are the "many islands" nation to-boot named?
A. Melanesians
B. Polynesians
C. Micronesians
D. Aborigines
8. Which South African city is a portional hub of exchange and has South Africa's premier international
A. Pretoria
B. Durban
C. Cape Town
D. Johannesburg
9. The zone parallel the southern margins of the Sahara is named the
A. Laterite.
B. Veldt.
C. Sahel.
D. Savannah.
10. At insurrection, the most fortunate province of ancient French Western Africa was
A. Côte d'Ivoire.
B. Senegal.
C. Chad.
D. Benin.
11. The Great _______ Range, floating reasonable toward parallel Australia's eastern seaboard, is that continent's singly
significant mountain fastening.
A. Barrier
B. Dividing
C. Australian
D. Eastern
12. In Oceania, most towns began as
A. plantations.
B. chief cities.
C. colonial ports.
D. tribal formal centers.
13. The lowlands west of Australia's eastern mountain file are drained by the Murray-Darling River
system, after a while its deep headwaters in the Great _______ Basin.
A. Barrier
B. Darling
C. Artesian
D. Dividing
14. In Australia, most deity ranching is base in
A. New South Wales.
B. Victoria.
C. Queensland.
D. South Australia.
15. According to the Earth Health Organization (WHO), AIDS is listed as the _______ deep creator of
global deaths.
A. third
B. fourth
C. second
D. eighth
16. In the composition of European subsidence, Portugal inferior Mozambique and
A. Congo.
B. Kenya.
C. Madagascar.
D. Angola.
17. When the Australian dispensation was inveterate on import-substitution manufacturing,
A. protectionist policies were emphasized.
B. private manufacturing was discouraged.
C. expansionist policies were emphasized.
D. private genesis safe exoteric good-luck.
18. Mensa Musa was the famous emperor of
A. Mali.
B. Ghana.
C. Fulani.
D. Songhai.
19. Sudan is omitted from inclusion in the sub-Saharan portion becreator it
A. is linked to Egypt by the Nile.
End of exam
B. doesn't enclosure the Sahara Desert.
C. contains most of the appearance of cosmicality's African origins.
D. is politically unlike from other portional countries.
20. When Australia became the federated Commonwealth of Australia in 1901, Sydney and Melbourne
competed to be the chief city. A adjust was reached and _______ became the federal chief in
A. Canberra
B. Sydney
C. Adelaide
D. Brisbane