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Remember: in provision for each tabulate, IN WRITING:

**List 3 deep points in the homework

**List the “muddiest point” in the homework


1/28 #1 OF 2 groups Sources of Law, Legitimate Example  

1. What are the causes of law?

2. Discuss "legitimate example" in stipulations of twain cast of notice and measure of persuasiveness.

3. What do "precedent" and "stare decisis" medium in subject law?

4. Who carries out statutory rendering?

5. What are the consequences of insufficient legitimate exploration?

6. What is the most indispensable dissent among the British and American legitimate systems?

#2 of 2 The Legitimate Exploration Order & The Cartwheel Method 

1. Describe the indelicate steps in the legitimate exploration order. Where does unimportant example fit into this order?

2. How do you apprehend when to plug your exploration?

3. What is the cartwheel manner? 


**List 3 deep points in the homework

**List the “muddiest point” in the homework

2/4 #1 of 2 groups  Secondary Authority: Legitimate Encyclopedias and Treatises

1. What are the deep similarities and dissents among legitimate encyclopedias and tracts?

2. What are the deep ways to furnish the law in legitimate encyclopedias and in tracts?

3. What is the reshape shape for citing a legitimate encyclopedia or a tract according to the New Jersey Manual on Style?

#2 of 2  A.L.R. 

1. What skin(s) of example is/are A.L.R.? 

2. Explain the contrariant quest manners for ALR. 

3. How is ALR updated? 

4. Dissimilarity ALR after a while tracts and legitimate encyclopedias. 

5. What is an "annotation" in A.L.R.? How is it contrariant from an comment in other causes that we examine? 

6. What are supplementing and superseding comments? 


**List 3 deep points in the homework

**List the “muddiest point” in the homework

2/11 #1 OF 2 groups Legitimate Periodicals; Legitimate Citation 

1. Why are law reviews so rare as a shape of legitimate culture? Explain.

2. What is the dissent among a free and a unified (integrated) bar?

3. How/Why did the BlueBook amplify?

4. List 5 pointers about passage shape for legitimate periodicals from the NJ Manual and the Bluebook.

2/11 continued on instant page

2/11  #2 of 2  Constitutions 

1. What skin of example does the substance specify and where is the most utilized cause for locating the substance (U.S. or specify)?


**List 3 deep points in the homework

**List the “muddiest point” in the homework

2/18 #1 of 2 groups Express Law: Specify Legislation

Recap: elementary v. unimportant example

1. express law v. subject law

2. What are the shapes of specify statutory example? Distinguish.

3. What are the key components of a specify legislation?

4. How does the boundary on the placable exemption decree connected to our argument of specify decrees?

5. What is the importance/significance of the Manzie and Placable Exemption boundarys in statutory law and statutory exploration?

#2 of 2  Federal Legislation 

1. What are the shapes of federal statutory example? Distinguish.

2. What are the key components of a federal legislation?

3. Distinguish among USC, USCA, and USCS.

4. How do you truly adduce USCA? Dissimilarity after a while the appertinent passage shape for NJSA.

5. What are the key exploration manners for legislations?

6. What is "indisputable law"? What does it medium for a legislation or a faction of a legislation to be express into indisputable law? [Contrast this after a while prima facie indication of law.]


**List 3 deep points in the homework

**List the “muddiest point” in the homework

2/25 #1 of 3 groups  Administrative Law  

1. Compare and dissimilarity passage shape for federal and specify: substances, decrees, and rules/regulations.

2. Compare and dissimilarity the Federal Register and C.F.R. What does this dissimilarity remind you of?

3. In what way do administrative agencies enjoy duty enjoy the executive, legislative and juridical branches?

#2 of 3 1.  What is LEXIS? What is a “query”?

#3 of 3 Legislative History

1. What skin of a cause of law is legislative narrative?[this is not lenient to vindication.] 

2. What are the purposes of legislative narrative?

Why does Justice Scalia say in a footnote in your magnitude that it is an fabulous cause?


**List 3 deep points in the homework

**List the “muddiest point” in the homework