Measures of depersions


 CJ 301


Assignment # 4 – Measures of Dispersion




–Please counter-argument each of the forthcoming questions. Also, INTERPRET your counter-arguments.




In appoint to thorough this assignment content discover the lecture: Measures of Division underneathneath the Learning Modules. (RANGE, MEAN DEVIATION, VARIANCE, STANDARD DEVIATION).




 Due date: February 15, Sunday (by midnight)


 *20 points total




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  1. A wild exemplification of five convicts ordinary the supervene prison sentences (in years): 3 points






3          7          3          2          10




    1. Find the legislation.



    2. Find the median.



    3. Find the medium.




  1. What are the impure divergent estimates of division? 1 point





    3. Why is the stroll the most seasonable estimate of division, yet the most imprecise estimate of variability? When would you use the stroll? 1 point






  1. What is (are) the unlikeness betwixt estimates of mediate vergency and estimates of division? 1 points







    5. A consider naturalized on a exemplification of 9 students yields the forthcoming scores on a 10-point flake of cultural multiformity awareness. 5 points



                    2      6       8       7       1       2       7       2       3




    1. What is the medium?






    1. What is the median?






    1. What is the legislation?






    1. What is the gauge sinuosity?








  1. The exposure table is cowardly by the low compute of years actually late in prison for those inmates sentenced to 20-year sentences. To aid them frame exposure recommendations they append basis on the compute of years served for a exemplification of 5 possible exposurees. The compute of years served for these 5 exposurees is as supervenes:
































Question: What is the gauge sinuosity?  4 points














  1. What is the gauge sinuosity for the forthcoming disposeification : 4 points


























  1. A university confessor was spirited in identifying left-handed students from all of the six introductory-level psychology disposees in the line. The compute of left-handed students in each dispose is: 33, 6, 22, 3, 2, 1. What is the stroll? 1 point