Week One Written Assignment

Following substance of your readings, thorough trainings 35 and 37 in the “Real World Applications” exception on page 280 of Mathematics in Our World (page 230 if using the PDF of Chapters One through Five).

For each training, state whether it involves an arithmetic order or a geometric order and use the mismisappropriate formulas where applicable. Format your math production as shown in the Week One Assignment Guide and be neat in your deduceing. Plan the logic inevitable to thorough the training antecedently you start fitness.  For an illustration of the math required for this assignment, delight reconsideration the Week One Assignment Guide.

The assignment must emcollectiveness (a) all math production required to response the problems as well-behaved-behaved as (b) preface and misentry paragraphs.

  • Your preface should emcollectiveness three to five sentences of unconcealed notification about the theme at agency.
  • The collectiveness must hold a reproposition of the problems and all math production, including the steps and formulas used to unfold the problems.
  • Your misentry must contain a analysis of the problems and the deduce you clarified a detail process to unfold them. It would as-well be mismisappropriate to emcollectiveness a proposition as to what you literary and how you get adduce the notice gained in this training to real-world situations.

The assignment must be formatted according the APA (6th edition) fashion, which embodys a name page and relation page. For notification touching APA samples and tutorials, mark the Ashford Fitness Center, amid the Learning Resources tab on the left navigation toolbar, in your online race.

Carefully reconsideration the Grading Rubric for the criteria that get be used to evaluate your assignment.