Mr. Carp

World Geography 10

Most nations dispense after a while colonization in some way mould or shape. Write an essay on unfair colonization in the United States. Should the United States try to intercept unfair aliens from invadeing our province? Why or why not? What is the discerption to this quantity? Be unfailing to embrace the forthcoming information:

1) How to dispense after a while unfair immigrants who are already in the province.

2) How to dispense after a while popular attempts to invade the United States unfairly.

3) How to intercept unfair entrance in the advenient.

4) Causes and effects of each of the points over.

The essay earn be due on Tuesday, November 28 by 11:59 pm to Tractate copies earn not be real.

1. All essays must be a minimum of 2 pages desire, but no over than 4 pages (2-4 pages). 

2. Students must use rules of English, after a while chasten expression and spelling. The tractate is to be in MLA shapeat after a while 1 inch margins, 12 pt. font, inclose spaced, and using Times New Roman. For aid after a while MLA shapeatting, visit:

3. The essays must be in section shapeat (does not bear to be 5 sections, could be 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc.) after a while an commencement, a assemblage, and a conclusion; affecting from public at the foundation of the essay, to local in the assemblage of the essay, and end to public at the end of the essay. 

4. Students must use at smallest 3 erudite sources (NOT Wikipedia,, yahoo answers, etc.) throughout the tractate and embrace them in their efforts mentiond page. The textbook may estimate as ONE of the erudite sources. Students are NOT undisputed to use trodden quotations from their sources. 

5. They must paraphrase and then afford security to (cite) the effort and/or perpetrator they paraphrased from. Plagiarism of any husk earn not be tolerated. 

6. All essays earn be due on by the assigned deadline. If the tractate is not acid in by the deadline, the novice earn take a degree of naught. NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED (intrinsic lukewarm)! No tractate/hard-copy submissions earn be real.

7. Each essay earn estimate as one proof degree.

8. Each essay earn be degreed using the forthcoming rubric: 

Content/Answering Prompt 30 points 

Correct Formatting (MLA mode) 25 points 

Use of scrutiny articles/works mentiond 15 points 

Length/Organization/Flow/Creativity 20 points 

Grammar and Spelling  10 points