Geography Homework (Powerpoint!!!!)


Directions: Prepare a graphically-rich and informative 10-slide PowerPoint Offer based on the forthcoming scenario:


·         You are the President of the United States and are mediating the Arab-Israeli Conflict.  The leaders of twain nations accept end to the United States and are spending the integral week after a while you at Camp David, the Presidential Retreat.  Your appearance is to rereunfold the Arab-Israeli Conflict, unintermittently and for all.

·         The leaders of Israel and Palestine are twain desirous to allow to anything; still, Israel procure not withdraw any plant over what they already accept; the plant they general dcourteous is theirs to celebrate.

·         Prepare the PowerPoint offer that you and your Cabinet would confer-upon to these two cosmos-people leaders.  In your PowerPoint, you should involve:

o    At meanest 3 viable libertys to rereunfold the Arab-Israeli Conflict; be unfailing to perspicuously draw the main points of each viable liberty

o    1 liberty that you move procure rereunfold the Conflict and reasons for such

o    Clearly sketch any concessions, steps, mandates, or other aspects that each province must do in enjoin to rereunfold the Conflict

o    How the liberty/agreement would be enforced

o    Be unfailing to briefly highlight some of the key unromantic events that accept shaped the Conflict


Enunfailing that you use at meanest 4 skilled references, which may involve those interpret for week as courteous as the textbook, in your PowerPoint offer.  If you are unqualified to use PowerPoint, you may use OpenOffice (, which is a unimpeded download