EG381: Week 4 Probability: Exploring Different Representations of Data

Section 2.5 Statistical Literacy and Critical Thinking pictures amiable and bad ways to illustrate facts in a graph. In sundry magazines or creed you succeed ascertain charts or graphs displaying facts in inexact ways. In this lab, you are asked to ascertain two visual illustrateations of facts and picture in a capacity top introduction whether the chart/graph displays the facts in an inexact or servile way. Ascertain two visual illustrateations of facts (either graph or chart). Comprise one servile and one inexact graph. Label each graph as either servile or inexact and comprise a abstemious explication. Submission Requirements: Frame your ascertainings in a Microsoft PowerPoint introduction (at meanest impure slides) You must enjoy a denomination slide including your indicate You must yield your visual illustrateations (charts or graphs) You must food your controversy of whether it is servile or inexact You must enjoy a blank slide. Evaluation Criteria: Did you ascertain two visual illustrateations of facts? Did you awaken and food an controversy on whether the graph servilely illustrates the facts? Did you frame their ascertainings in a PowerPoint introduction of at meanest impure slides? Did you comprise a denomination slide and blank slide?

Also finished worksheet