Assignment 1. Linear Programming Case Study

Assignment 1. Rectilinear Programming Case Study

Your tutor earn specify a rectirectilinear programming contrivance for this specifyment according to the forthcoming specifications.

It earn be a drift delay at smallest three (3) overbearts and at smallest two (2) sentence capriciouss. The drift earn be limited and possible. It earn besides possess a solitary optimum key (in other opinion, it won’t possess be-undetermined optimal keys). The drift earn besides include a constituent that involves sensitivity segregation and the use of the immaterial value.

You earn be depending in two (2) deliverables, a lacking transcribeup of the contrivance and the spreadsheet showing your effect.


Your transcribeup should bring-in your key to the contrivance by describing the drift. Correctly demonstrate what likeness of drift this is. For stance, you should voicelessness if the drift is a maximization or minimization drift, as well-behaved-behaved as demonstrate the resources that overbear the key. Demonstrate each capricious and illustrate the criteria implicated in elucidation up the copy. This should be encapsulated in one (1) or two (2) concise portions.

After the initiatory portion, transcribe out the L.P. copy for the drift. Include the concrete duty and all overbearts, including any non-negativity overbearts. Then, you should confer-upon the optimal key, installed on your effect in Excel. Illustrate what the results moderation.

Finally, transcribe a portion addressing the separate of the drift pertaining to sensitivity segregation and immaterial value.


As previously voicelessnessd, content set up your drift in Excel and furnish the key using Solver. Clearly letter the cells in your spreadsheet. You earn depend in the complete spreadsheet, showing the setup of the copy, and the results.