Article review


Article criticism

The point of the assignment is to get you in affect delay the philosophical study as it pertains to biogeography and your own singular interests. As such, I would love you all to invent a discovery condition that interests you and transcribe an closely two-page (11 font; 1.5 spaced) review. THE REVIEW SHOULD NOT BE A REGURGITATION OF THE ABSTRACT! As delay all answerableness, this assignment should grasp an:

Introduction: This minority should be dedicated to the overall point of the tract, its elder points, and a public misrecord.

Body: For a criticism, the most niggardly entrance is to demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of the elder components of the tract: Abstract, intro, methods, terminations, and conclusions. You should besides hush the elder points of these minoritys.

Criticism: as dubious criticism, I would love you to highlight on two points that you fancy the discovery is doing august and two points that you fancy needs proficiency or you fancy is problematic.

Conclusion: Wrap up your criticism delay a public sensitiveness environing how the tract was crafted, the truth presented, and the misrecords drawn.

I would besides love you to grasp three beyond references to patronage some of your criticisms and validations. These should distinctly not be cited in the tract itself, and should be the termination of your own study inquiry. If you entertain any questions impress open to touch me.