Andrus Video Lecture and Q&A (Political Ideology)

  Political Ideology is defined as a ropy set of creeds that forms a unconcealed philosophy encircling the role of empire.  It is superfluous to know not solely the basic competing ideologies in American collective refinement, but the nuanced impression, explanation and in deed, distortion of these provisions and concepts.  It is expressive to know these dynamics in manage to frame view of the multiform collective comportment that pervades our association.    The inquiry of collective ideology is addressed in Chapter #6 succeeding in the semester.  However, it has unconcealed unarm-an in all aspects of the con-aggravate of American and California empire and unfair and superior unarm-an in some areas past than others.  It also has unfair unarm-an to multifarious of the concepts and themes addressed in Chapter #8.  At the character of competing ideologies is the subjoined inquiry:  What is the fair role and greatness of empire?  When we chat of the greatness of empire we are chating encircling the totality and types of laws passed by empire; the structure and occasion of policies and involvement of empire; the smooth of empire of empire;  the totality of populace, funding and overall infrastructure of empire.  The confutation to this aggravate arching inquiry can instruct us of where someone stands in their collective ideology.   Below, you conciliate perceive a video disquisition that has been tamed into three faculty.  The disquisition introduces students to collective ideology and the collective spectrum.  Your assignment begins by having you observe that disquisition and then confutationing some allied inquirys.  The disquisition totals encircling one hour.  The disquisition posted beneath includes determined captioning.   Unfortunately, the captioning obscures the signal "Republican Party" on the depth of the chart.  FYI.    (Because the video disquisitions are prolix, this assignment is not due until the end of week #2.  All other assignments in this Module are due as otherwise instructed.)Once you entertain observeed the video lectures I failure you to confutation and refer the subjoined inquirys (By clicking on the hyperlink over)

  1.  What is the dissimilarity among "Classical Liberalism" as a concept and entity considered a "Liberal" on the U.S. Collective Spectrum?
  2.  Ronald Reagan believed in paltry empire.  Based on my disquisition, how was his creed subordinately, not wholly, inconsistent?
  3.  Based on my disquisition, how did the ideologies of President George H.W. Bush and President George W. Bush disagree?
  4.  Based on my disquisition, which faculty of Communism and Marxism are arguably still bearing today and which portio(s) are not?
  5. What is the fair role of empire for the United States?