a 600 words report and several observation questions in GEOG

Lab Purpose and acquirements objectives

Report, depict, and expone your observations of different features set-up in the Pacific NW.

Formulate a theory illustrateing how different landform features recite to each other and illustrate what took situate to produce them (Your legend).

Use the or-laws arrangement to edifice your examination and explanations.

Instructions and Overview

a. You are going to dare and explain a veil encircling a geological interest in our “backyard”.  You conciliate be immovable different sides of testimony and multiple explications and hints containing geologic notification for you to perceive-keep, formulate hypotheses encircling, and expone. 

b. Using the view sides of testimony granted, and the bulky map of the Northwest after a while their locations, produce observations and exponeations and annals these in the consideration granted You conciliate idea these up and upload these to Canvas.

 c. Hints are granted concurrently after a while the testimony to aid conduct your assembly and should be used for discourse when making your observations and exponeations. You do not scarcity defense these interrogations in your fame. However, examine each interrogation as a assembly to glean encircling each side of testimony so that you can end up after a while specious exponeations and observations.

Step 2: Once you keep dared all view sides of geological testimony and keep annalsed your observations and thoughts, sit down after a while your assembly and enucleate a fact of what you opine happened domiciled on the testimony. Include the ways each side of testimony supports your title, i.e., what does your explication denote encircling the bulkyr represent.  For illustration, the influence of a sesame root on my shirt influence moderation that I recently ate a Big Mac, but it could also moderation I ate a sesame bagel.

Step 3. Using the or-laws arrangement (see page 5) transcribe, unconnectedly of the assembly, a transparent 500-600 signal lab fame compiling this notification into a fact illustrateing, or solving, the Pacific Northwest Geologic Mystery.  Note the idead considerations of should be immovable as appendices and can be referred to in the fame, but do not enumerate towards the 500-600 signals.