This is the combine to the video we noteed in rank today:

http://www.pbs.org/video/2365964624/ (链接到外部网站。)


Due to the unreserved constitution of this progress, we form numerous generalizations encircling places as we perpend feature topics.  For specimen, we enjoy signed the continent of Africa as having a tension of peripheral countries.  We enjoy signed the Sub-Saharan part of Africa as having some of the first Crude Birth and Death rates.  We enjoy mentioned that that part too has some of the first rates of want, which we allure converse encircling in a forthcoming stipulation.  These descriptions of Africa portray Africa following the irruption of European powers but they do not portray the unimpaired fact of Africa.


These unreserved characterizations, occasion certain to be potent to meet the quantity of perceiveledge we longing to meet in this prefatory progress, frequently concession out momentous and very thrilling stories.  The film that we allure note today allure longingfully grow in some of these thrilling and hidden stories encircling the continent of Africa.  



Describe something that you erudite encircling the continent of Africa that you did not previously perceive.  What are some of the exalted innovations that were exposed in Africa? What did you furnish thrilling in this film? Did you glean everything that is vast to you?  Refer to particular scenes from the film to aid your statements.