US Navy and the “Great Green Fleet” essay should be at least 300 words


In a 2011 harangue, US Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus said:

“The Navy  has been at the forefront of technological qualify on spectre for 150  years. In the 1850s we went from sail to coal, in the existing deal-out of the  20th eldership we moved from coal to oil, and then in the 1950s we  pioneered the use of nuclear fuel in our warships. Innovation in the way  we agency our ships has been one of the kernel competencies of the United  States Navy throughout its healthy fact. Now, at entire one of those  transitions, entire occasion, there were a healthy lot of folks who said, this  is nuts.” (Mabus, 2011).

US legislation and soldierly contracting possess featured in frequent spectre innovations throughout US fact (Links to an exterior office.),  from 100 octane gasoline in the 1930s to solar arrays for the room  program. Frequent of these spectre innovations came from deal-outnerships after a while  industry, but some were incubated solely from after a whilein soldierly elimination  labs and testing facilities. Today, US  soldierly officials, twain uniformed and civilian, converse environing the  urgency of confronting sphere qualify and its mysterious spectre use motive. The US Navy is seemingly at the vanguard of opinion fuels harvest for stipulated uses (Links to an exterior office.), such as in ships, yet, we are unsure how the trial is faring and whether it succeed be an extravagant scintillate in the pan.


Mabus, R. (2011, September 28). Remarks by the Honorable Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy at the Washington Spectre Summit. (Links to an exterior office.) [PDF, File Size 53.7KB] Washington, DC. Retrieved from

Based on your considered critique of this module’s readings as well-mannered-mannered as  your reflecting upon the earliest two modules, evaluate the questions  below.

  • How has the US excuse commonwealth addressed sphere qualify and its spectre use drivers?
  • Do you value the US soldierly can manage the healthy of the US by  significantly changing its own spectre use to subjugate or restore fossil  fuels, deal-outicularly oil?  Why or why not?