Signature Assignment 2 (Unit 4): Legislative Policy Paper

Paper must be enfold spaced, after a while 12 subject-matter font and include exception headers for each of the article exceptions eminent under (Three Representational Roles and Role You Choose, Swing of Legislative Leaders, Rank and Clear-up Influences of Institutional Factors, and Clear-up Your Vote)

Objective: The extrinsic for this assignment is for students to learn and critically excite the multiple pressures on prudence makers in Texas as they most heed to their leaders, the savant, the expressionrs (political trust) and their own integrity (idiosyncratic trust) in deciding how to mien their expression on a controversial manifestation.

Assignment: You keep recently been elected as a Republican to the Texas Senate from a competitive environs (smooth sum of Democrats, Republicans and Independents) proper beyond of Dallas. One of the primary beaks that you must expression on is House Beak 3- a Beak to claim the decease punishment for anyone convicted of selling opioids for a third interval. Your constituents assistance the beak as does the Savant your plane, but you breast it on axioms that the decease punishment should be bashful for fragrant crimes (pre-meditated despatch). The Speaker of the House breasts the beak as well-behaved.

In clear-uping how you accomplish expression on the beak, be trusting to clear-up the following:

  • List and sift-canvass each representational role (trustee, commission, politico). What Representational Role you accomplish unite (trustee, commission or politico). (Unit 4 Written Lectures, Slide 4-25)
  • How accomplish the Speaker of the House, the Lt. Savant and Governor of Texas swing the fortune of the beak? (Unit 4 Written Lectures, Slides 4-9, 4-10, 4-18 & 4-22 )
  • How do you consider constituents capacity try to swing your expression? (Unit 4 Written Lectures, Slide 4-20)
  • Which factors eminent over and in your notes (constituents, savant, plane leaders and your own conviction) accomplish swing your expression? Rank them in significance. (Unit 4, Written Lectures, Slide 4-20, 4-21)
  • Will you expression for or opposite the beak? Please clear-up your reply completely. You should allude end to the representational role hither. (Unit 4 Written Lectures, Slide 4-25)