Research Essay 2



1. Cover prevarication must enclose Geographer’s spectry, appointment of the article, epoch, and race spectry (number). This page is not estimateed.

2. Extract begins at the top of page 1. Estimate all pages of the article.

3. Article must be at meanest 4 accomplished pages in tediousness and no over than 7 pages. 

One accomplished page = 22-23 lines of extract.

4. Use 12 top font. All margins almost 1.25 inches.

5. Double quantity all extract. No extra spacing anywhere.

6. Article must enclose an commencement and a falsification/summary.

7. Paper must enclose two: maps or illustrations OR a coalition.

8. Ending reference page must be plain and strong.  Web cited allusions must enclose Title, Author, notification epoch in dissection to web address. Wikipedia a good-tempered-tempered-tempered attribute to rouse, is not considered a genuine allusion.

Grading Criteria

1. Follow article requirements established aloft.

2. Overall structure of the article and the clarity in the exhibition of the dissection. E.g., Introduction, falsification, befitting article erection, good-tempered-tempered-tempered transition from one article to the present.

3. Extent of provident, insightful, and imaginative analyses.

4. Correct spelling, style, and punctuation.

This examination article is to select the esthetic we feel learned in our race which has been applied to a 'macro' flatten and classify our layer to the 'micro' flatten of the say of Virginia.


Research: Develop a unmeasured material geography form of Virginia. Enclose in your article:

1. depict any distinguishing regions of the State

2. what biome(s) is the Say located amid?

3. what is the weather of the Say and appointment in the Koppen section?

4. what are some of the normal instrument ground amid the State?

5. what soil-types are ground amid its borders?

6. for our area, what watershed do we drop amid other that the Chesapeake bay?

7. what is the Suffolk scarp?  Where is it located?

8. what does the coming support for the State

The Geographer may use the multitudinous maps (figures) from the extractbook and your care is determined to the footing under.