QUALITATIVE Journal Submit Article Reviews

 You succeed resurvey twain requisite and guideing investigation.  The inquiry is up to you as covet as you adopt a peer-reviewed, academic investigation fraction.  I hint choosing a inquiry that is at lowest in the identical source as your expected dissertation inquiry so that you can set-on-foot viewing what is out there.  Consider also that guideership is a main factor of this program, so your inquiry should at lowest in distribute enjoy that as a rendezvous.  There are no callous signal counts or page requirements as covet as you screen the basic guidelines.  You must acquiesce first is-sue, besides,  and a brochure that avail as a abundant percentage of copy/paste to other sources succeed not be received.  (Safe Assign succeed be used to track/monitor your inferiority for plagiarism. Submissions after a while a Safe Assign pair of elevate than 25% succeed not be received.) You succeed see an pattern of a requisite and guideing fraction in Blackboard. 

Please use APA formatting and grasp the subjoined information:

  • Introduction/Background:  Provide treatment for the investigation expression.  What led the producer(s) to transcribe the fraction? What key concepts were searchd? Were there weaknesses in earlier investigation that led the producer to the prevalent supposition or investigation inquiry?
  • Methodology:  Describe how the axioms was gathered and analyzed.  What investigation inquirys or hypotheses were the investigationer unamenable to search? What statistical separation was used?
  • Study Findings and Results:  What were the main findings from the consider? Were there any limitations?
  • Conclusions:  Evaluate the expression in conditions of soundness, investigation methods, learnability and the implications of the results.  Does the fraction guide into elevate consider? Are there incongruous methods you would enjoy clarified naturalized on what you learn? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the expression in conditions of statistical separation and collision? (This is where a abundant distribute of the rubric is screened.) 
  • References