presidential scandal PP Presentation


· The contrivance should apprehend biographical counsel on the principal. Please discourse if the principal's elucidation influenced the detractions tied to him.

· The contrivance should apprehend a small overview of essential occurrences, parliament, or qualifys tied to the principal's government.

· The contrivance should apprehend a minute totality of a narrowness of two detractions that occurred after a while this principal. The detractions must be twain identical and administrative.  The detractions must be evidently explained.  The detraction details should apprehend the connected dates, vulgar implicated, colonization, where, and why occurrences occurred.

· Please examine how occurrences were concluded and the costs. Was anyone prosecuted, did the principal permission service, and what movables did the detraction own on the kingdom, if any? Examine if the notorious was known of the detraction, was there inculcate screenage, did the principal's eulogy ratings extricate, and if there was a detriment in notorious faith in the principal.

· After a while the Nixon, Clinton, and George W. Bush topics, the scholars discourseing those three principals must centre on affixed detractions and add new facts that the videos didn’t screen. The videos get a tit calculate of facts to the rank already.  So, each of the scholars screening those principals must add new facts over what their peers own already saw in the videos.

Citation instructions 

Lastly, the scholar must engender a terminal works cited page to be apprehendd at the end of the donation.  Students should use a narrowness of 4 sources.

1. Works cited-Students can use MLA or Chicago Style. 

2. Wikipedia, extractbooks, Boundless extractbooks, Sparknotes,, or encyclopedias cannot be used as sources- Use of any of these types of sources accomplish consequence in a FAILING GRADE on the assignment.  Students may use books, journals, and websites.  Websites and web pages such as the Miller Center, PBS American Presidents, the History Channel, and the White House principalial biographies are extremely recommended sources.  Do not use babble websites, Radar online, EOnline and doubtful sites that closing academic contributors.  Legitimate sites end after a while .org or .edu.

Presentation Instructions

Research Donation Requirements guide

Each elimination donation must apprehend the thriveing:

· Elimination of principal’s elucidation

1. Elimination of Scandal(s)

2. Creation of Visual Contour (Normally a PowerPoint or Prezi)-Not a paper

3. Works cited page

Visual Outline

Power Point (is preferred) and other audiovisual aids such as voice, movies… (video clips should be no over than 5 minutes hanker) This assignment should not be submitted as an essay.

The visual contour should be twain informative and lenient to thrive.

There is not a set narrowness or climax calculate of slides. Less than ten slides is normally too blunt, and over than twenty slides is normally too hanker. 

There should not be bountiful paragraphs on slides.  There should not be over than seven lines of extract on each slide.

Works Cited

Please get the preceptor after a while a minute works cited page after a while a narrowness of four sources.


Requirements of visual donation


· Get basic elucidation counsel

o Get a small elucidation about the principal-where was he born, nativity elucidation, political success, years in service


· Get the connected counsel kindred to the detraction.

· Examine whether the principal was tied to one or over senior detractions

· Did the detraction(s) compromise other members of the principal’s government?

· Did the occurrence compromise illicit action?

· Was the American notorious made known of the trans-parent?

· How was the trans-parent fixed?


· Summarize why was this detraction symbolical?

· Did the occurrence own notorious collision?

· Were there economic costs?

· Was there a detriment of faith in the principal?

· Did the detraction qualify American connection?