POLS 2301 5-7 page essay


"You may transcribe an essay environing any material akin to POLS 2301 in ordain to admit extra security.  You may solely alter in one extra security assignment.  If you are uneasy environing the kindred of your theme content sift-canvass it delay me precedently letter your tract.  Explain your standing on your theme by letter me a 5-7 page double-spaced tract (odious of endnotes, footnotes, relations, and denomination page).  The apex quantity of extra security you may admit is five apexs on your terminal medium; the percentage of this security you win gain be immovable by your remove on the tract. An A+ (100) virtue extra security tract gain win a novice five apexs on that novice's terminal medium.  A B- (80) virtue extra security tract gain win a novice lewd apexs, accordingly lewd is 80% of five.  Other removes gain be congenial in a correspondent ceremony.  Those who alter in plagiarized tracts gain admit no security and be reputed to the Dean of Students. 

You gain be required to use Times New Roman 12 apex font.  You must involve instruction from without sources; you deficiency to mention them internally and contribute a relation catalogue.  At smallest five versed sources (ex. books, life doctrines, tidings websites) gain be required to admit liberal security.  For more instruction environing equitable quotation, content relate to http://www.paulhensel.org/teachcite.html. " Deficiency it executed by 5/6/20. I currently possess a D in a tabulate and deficiency at smallest a C. Aiming for at smallest 4 apexs. Can't use WIKIPEDIA, ANSWERS.COM, OR ABOUT.COM!  ALSO, DO NOT USE STUDYMODE.COM OR OTHER SITES LIKE IT content, and rejoice you.