politics in media in america

i need this in 2 days. 

Topic:Politics in instrument in america

please use unaffected English, no proud glossary.

please involve the plan of what you wrote in incongruous muniment. Use MLA format

The themes you adopt should be a theme, which can be harsh into an direct (thesis) proposition. For this mode, you accomplish transcribe environing an incident in American Political History. You may adopt any timeframe from Colonial American History through the year 2012. Your pamphlet accomplish controvert the subject, by providing instruction to foundation your assumption. While your pamphlet accomplish be further focused on a point incident, this should manage your subject proposition(s) and overall pamphlet. Remember, your subject proposition can be further than one decree. Be unquestioning to tail up your forestate throughout the pamphlet, and restate your subject in the omission. Your preamble and omission should ruminate one another. 

Paper Guidelines

IMPORTANT: **Paper theme MUST be liked in gait of presenting research/ submitting ultimate pamphlet for a gait** 

-4 FULL pages

-APA Format 

-Double spaced

-Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt.

-1” Margins (all)

-do not use: principal special (I, me, my)

I ponder, I impress, I believe

get, getting, got, gotten

-MUST involve epithet page and References page when submitting ANY participation of the pamphlet assignment (explicit Pamphlet Theme Proposal, Rough Draft, and Ultimate Draft)

Remember, your gait accomplish environ rhetoric, spelling, decree make, format, and construction. 

Your evidence should be explicitly ordinary and addressed amid the pamphlet.

Transitions (betwixt collection paragraphs) must be involved for suitable construction and evidenceation.

Typically, in a pamphlet of this diffusiveness, the collection paragraphs should be about 5-7 decrees.

Page quantity and your decisive indicate should show in the eminent, right-hand recess of each page.

Number of sources: 3-5 

Required: mode textbook (counts inland one of your 3-5 sources)

Other sources: 

Scholarly sources: CIA Worldfactbook (https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/us.html)

UN (http://www.un.org/en/index.html)

American Political Theory Institute (http://www.american.edu/spa/pti/)

Smithsonian (http://www.si.edu/)

-online journals (via Rice Library/ Google) [equal reviewed, no editorials]

-books (Rice Library, EVPL, ILL, Google, etc.)

-government websites 

DO NOT use/cite: intelligence profession, devotional texts, politically inequitable websites, reviews of journal profession, editorials, etc.