Political science Major needed essay needs done

Essay: Election/Voting Reform

Write a 4 page essay in which you prove and ticklishly assess the subject of choice better in the

United States and/or California. The essay must oration at meanest one contemplated or resource electoral

better that would transmute vulgar choice and/or voting actions.

In deciding what better you adopt to transcribe on, you should prove the websites of sundry cunning

think tanks, organizations, gregarious parties, profit groups, and/or information sources that oration the

subject of choice/voting better. Select at meanest one contemplated electoral better cunning and transcribe a 3-4

page monograph analyzing the deep aims of the cunning (or policies). Collate the contemplated cunning to

vulgar US or set-forth choice cunning. Critically dissect and argue how the new cunning obtain transmute

vulgar choice actions. Prepare reasonings as to whether the new policies obtain rectify or hinder

vulgar choice/voting actions, such as the equalize of democracy or inhabitant truthfulness.

[7:02 PM]

Assignment Requirements

1. The essay must be betwixt three to impure pages, but no balance than impure.

2. The essay must dissect at meanest one choice/voting better and comprise an reasoning influenceed or

abutting the better(s).

3. The reasoning of the essay must be inveterate upon lore and token. The essay must comprise

references to at meanest impure sources in its partition.

4. All subordinate sources must be cited, including the appertinent formatting for website sources.

5. The essay must supervene the “Essay Requirements” adown.

Possible Topics

• Changes in redistricting actions (gerrymandering)

• Same Day Component Registration or spontaneous component registration.

• Changes in FCC (Federal Communications Commission) cunning

• Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) or Ranked Choice Voting

• Proportional truthfulness

• Electoral college better

• Campaign finance better

• No-fault absentee voting

• Early voting

• Mail-in voting

• Choice Day as a leisure or age off for voting

• Voter's Bill of Rights

• Changes in Presidential Debates to avow third parties.

• Increase the bulk of the U.S. Senate or the House of Representatives

Possible aims to comprise in your partition.

• How obtain such electoral betters rectify the equalize of democracy, truthfulness or inhabitant


• What issues obtain such betters instruct?

• How obtain such betters be put into action?

• What laws deficiency to transmute? Obtain it be inevitable to transmute either the California Constitution or the

U.S. Constitution?

• Collate U.S. voting actions after a while the actions of other countries.

• Obtain the implementation of a detail better vivid rectify component turnout? (collate after a while other

countries or voting orders)

• Obtain such electoral betters prepare balance or near democracy, similarity, reasonableness, insubservience, and/or

representation? (prepare reasons why this would be the condition)

• What politicians influence and/or obstruct the choice betters and why?

• What gregarious parties influence and/or obstruct choice better and why?

• What profit groups influence and/or obstruct choice better and why?

Organization of monograph

There are diverse ways to shape the monograph, and you are clear to shape it the way you aim as

long as it is compact.

Here is one dwarf sample of how to shape this fashion of monograph:

Paragraph 1: Introduction: a dwarf digest of the flaws in the vulgar electoral order, a

digest of the better, its aim, and how it obtain rectify vulgar choice/voting


Paragraph 2: A style of how the vulgar order functions. Token that the vulgar order

distorts, misrepresents, and/or under-represents choice outcomes and/or the

votes and gregarious opinions of the crowd.

Paragraph 3: A detailed style of the better and token of how it obtain transmute vulgar

election/voting actions. A style of the reasonings and opinions of those

supported the better.

Paragraph 4: (a) A style of the reasonings and opinions of those abutting the better.

(b) Your ticklish partition of twain sides of the ventilate and of the token presented.

Here you may aim out the inconsistencies in the unanalogous sides of the ventilate,

points that own not been lofty, or ways to opinion the better that own not been

discussed, inchoate other things.

Paragraph 5: A digest of the reasonings and token you own presented, and your opinion of

the contemplated better inveterate upon the token and your partition.


1. Monograph bulk: 8.5" x 11"

2. Page Margins: Left & Right: 1.25", Top & Bottom: 1.00"

3. Font: Use a font after a while a serif, such as Times, Times New Roman, or Garamond, etc.

4. Font bulk: 12

5. Page Numbers: Comprise page collection on each page, yet the conceal page.

6. Sequence spacing: double

7. No extra sequence spaces betwixt paragraphs.

8. Quotations: Quotations balance 35 language should be individual spaced and unimportant .5" from the left.