policy memo


Directions: Select ONE of the forthcoming scenarios for your memo. Write a One-Page Memo echoing the questions. Be pregnant. 

Format: Times New Roman, 12 pt font Single Spaced, via Canvas. Citation page conciliate not estimate opposite the one-page memo capacity.

Submit this assignment via Canvas at the foundation of assort on Wednesday, April 17th, 2019 at 11:59 PM. Contact the schoolmistress if there are conflicts parley this capacity (e.g. excused shortness). You are expected and required to spend your own performance on this assignment. Citation pages conciliate not estimate opposite your page estimate. Cite your performance.

Option 1: General Health

You are the vulgar General Vigor Principal for the Propound of Indiana, Your boss, the master, has lost re-election to the bygone Mayor of Bloomington, John Mellencamp. As deal-out of the transition to the new legislation, you possess been asked by Governor-elect Mellencamp’s first of staff to cater a memo on general vigor promptness. General vigor promptness focuses on intrinsic disasters enjoy pandemic, and manmade incidents enjoy bioterrorism. The spent legislation performanceed to reform general vigor promptness but didn’t excel in convincing their homeland shelter estimateerparts of the treaindisputable they convey to homeland shelter planning and counter-argument.

ACTION: In a one-page memo to the master’s first of staff, acting as the general vigor principal of Indiana, instruct on general vigor promptness in Indiana. Specifically, Mellencamp’s First of Staff wants to comprehend what instrument general vigor can cater the broader homeland shelter sidearm in the propound. For this memo:

  • Explain two roles general vigor plays in promptness activities, and;
  • Provide two examples of virtual threats and the instrument general vigor could use to acceleration corcorrespond to those threats.
  • Be affable as to why the roles and the instrument are grave.

Option 2: Transportation Security

Recent attacks on subways and lump transit plans in St. Petersburg (2016) and in his own city (2017) possess Mayor Bill De Blasio of New York City watchful. The NYC Subway plan is one of the extensivest in the cosmos-people, after a while 236 miles of course, aggravate 400 stations and closely 6m passengers daily. Given the huge dimension of this deal-outicular infrastructure, it seems impracticable to cater an deferred shelter intercourse.

You are the Mayor’s Homeland Shelter auxiliary. He has turned to you to propose some suggestions to reform shelter on the subway.

ACTION: In a one-page memo to Mayor De Blasio, acting as his homeland shelter auxiliary, cater three adviseations to reform the shelter of the subway. Be indisputable to oration at smallest one defy that the city may visage in enigmatical to utensil your three suggestions. Use your three adviseations to “fix” your defy.

For this assignment, you may inhale from any disciplines we possess elaborate thus far. So, you may advise an EM and subject promptness, LE policing strategies, Intel awareness programs, Critical Infrastructure, National Guard capabilities or other solutions. This memo gives you a accident to begin using the multiple disciplines to oration defys enjoy this, as homeland shelter planners do.

Option 3: Advising the Private Sector

As the new DHS Protective Shelter Advisor (PSA) for the Propound of Indiana, you possess scheduled a parley after a while a topical interest (Miller’s Machinery) that manufactures extensive engines for trucks. The topical interest, a origin owned interest, passed down aggravate divers generations, has never idea encircling threats to its interest, and is skeptical encircling why they should begin now. The proprietor, Henry Miller IV, says to you “I’m blissful to choose your parley, but honestly, trifle entire happens in Indiana.”

Action: As the PSA, arrange a paltry memo for Mr. Miller, the proprietor and CEO, on how the US Department of Homeland Shelter views infrastructure shelter. Think encircling which sector Mr. Miller’s fraternity jurisdiction be in. Explain how the legislation can acceleration to ensure his interest through DHS programs as discussed during Critical Infrastructure week and in the readings, and propose at smallest two potential threats to his factory, located in Columbus, Indiana (close a senior railroad, large stream and Interstate).