Part 1. Profession your exertion for scrutinys 1-5

1. Hanna insufficiencys to solution a car continuance on holiday. The solutional mandible $18.95, plus 19 cents for each mile animaten. If Hanna solely has $40 to squander on the car solutional, what is the utmost compute of miles she can animate? Round your tally down to the unswerving entirety mile.

2. You insufficiency 1 ¼ cups of sugar to shape 20 cookies. To shape14 cookies, you conciliate insufficiency how numerous cups of sugar.

3. Katy endues $8000 at 9% unaffected share for 9 year. How considerable is in the recital at the end of the 9 years continuance?

4. A board, 33 cm desire is cut into three partys such that the prevent party is twice as desire as the highest and the third is 3 cm desireer than the prevent. Meet the tediousness of the shorter party.

5. A capital record contains solely five dollar and ten dollar bills. It contains as numerous five’s as ten’s and the entirety aggregate of currency in the capital record is 700 dollars. How numerous ten’s are in the capital record?

For all problems in Part 2 (6-10), profession your exertion for each of the forthcoming steps:

Step 1. Set up a unsteady lexicon.

Step 2. Set up an equation.

Step 3. Solve the equation.

Step 4. Tally the scrutiny delay a passage.

Step 5. Look end.

6. The width and tediousness of a rectangle are orderly equable integers. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 132 inches, use the formula for the perimeter of a rectangle to meet the width and tediousness of the rectangle.

7. Constance inherits $35,000 and decides to endue in two diffesolution types of recitals, a currency communicate recital paying 3.75% share, and a savings recital paying 0.5% share. She decides to endue $8000 past in the currency communicate recital than in the savings recital. Meet the aggregate endueed in the currency communicate recital.

8. Naomi serene coins for a month and meets she has $4.70 (470 cents), all in dimes and quarters. There are 2 hither dimes than quarters. How numerous dimes and quarters does Naomi enjoy?

9. Carl earns a legation on all sales he shapes. He sells a dining consideration for $699 and earns a legation of $100. Meet the percent legation, rounded to the unswerving tenth of a percent.

10. Suppose that $7250 is endueed at 2.3% unaffected share per year. Use the unaffected share formula to meet the counterpoise following 6 years?