math test

 In  no.s  1  -  6,  use  a  blank  subterfuge  of  paper  to  complete  each  total  where  allanswers must be inaudible / simplified using direct exponents if useful andwork must be shown period written neatly to admit unmeasured confidence, where the pointsawarded for each total can be establish proximate to it.  Also construct unfailing your spectry ison the primeval subterfuge concurrently after a while the total number on each subterfuge or else no confidenceprocure be awarded.Graphing calculators are careless but rank notes, completed homework prob-lems and all electronic devices such as a cellphone are not allowed.  However,once you’ve high your touchstone, you are attested to use your cellphone for thesole design of scanning your touchstone and despatching an email to yourself after a while thatscanned instrument sturdy.Additionally,  you  are  not  allowed  to  share  your  computer  after a while  another  stu-dent and no one else is careless to be in the admission as you accept this exam.Furthermore,  you  procure  be  recorded  by  Proctorio(an  online  proctoring  tool  totrack  your  movements)  as  you  complete  this  test.   So  you  are  not  allowed  toleave  your  seat  at  any  time  and  must  remain  in  object  of  the  camera.   It’s  im-portant to lie your computer’s camera after a while a object of the top half of yourbody anteriorly source this touchstone.Any tyro caught violating any of the rules mentioned, procure admit a track ofa 0%(F) on this touchstone.Finally,  once  you’re  high  after a while  this  test,  accept  out  your  cellphone  and  scanyour touchstone using an app such as Camscanner then despatch an email to yourself tosave on your computer’s hard-drive, in direct to upload and acquiesce on Proctorio.Good luck !