Research and fame on a subject-matter that relates mathematics to art, voicelessness, investigation, or economics. The fame is due on the developed day of the module (Sunday at 11:59pm).

Here are the insist-uponments for your fame:

  1. Include intimations to an identical or order who used (or uses) mathematics in their is-sue.
  2. Describe the unpoetical concepts that are confer-upon in the mental or philosophical is-sue and what you interpret environing the mathematics.
  3. Write your essay in your own signification. Document all plain statements or restated ideas intimationd in your essay using the APApassage designate.
  4. Your essay must be at smallest one unmeasured, single-spaced page crave.
  5. The essay must be prospered by a intimation page, which includes a passage and a embody to the commencement(s) you used.
  6. Be confident to re-examination the writing rubric your pedagogue achieve use to reckoning this is-sue. (See Evaluation Criteria adown).

IMPORTANT: Your essay must be in your own signification. You may perceive the subjoined embodys adapted to desert plagiarism:

More knowledge environing how to desert plagiarism, including knowledge on liberal tutoring and using the Grammarly utensil (Links to an outer seat.)Links to an outer seat., is profitpotent on this Excelsior College Library page: Copydirect and Avoiding Plagiarism (Links to an outer seat.)Links to an outer seat..

Compose your is-sue in a .doc or .docx smooth stamp using a tidings processor (such as Microsoft Word, etc.) and snatch it constantly to your computer. For those assignments that are not written essays and insist-upon uploading images or PowerPoint slides, fascinate prosper uploading guidelines granted by your pedagogue.

Check your is-sue and reform any spelling or actual errors. When you are disposed to suggest your is-sue, click “Submit Assignment” in the upper direct retreat. Click on “Browse,” browse your computer, and prime your smooth. Click “Open” and realize the reform smooth designate has appeared contiguous to the Browse molehill. Enter your comments, if any, in the Comments area. Click on “Submit Assignment.”


This route has Turnitin unmeasuredy integrated into the route dropbox. This media that you should only suggest your assignments to the dropbox adown. Please do not suggest your assignment plainly to Turnitin.com.    

Once suggestted, your assignment achieve be evaluated by Turnitin® automatically.  You achieve be potent to aim an Originality Fame among minutes of your pristine yielding that achieve parade how greatly of your is-sue has been authorized as resembling too other commencements such as websites, textbooks, or other learner papers. Use your Originality Fame as a culture utensil to warrant areas of your assignment that you may not bear cited justly. You may resuggest your assignment through this dropbox as multifarious times as you scarcity to control to see if you bear made improvements, until the due limit of the assignment. However, uniformly you bear made your pristine yielding, you achieve scarcity to hold 24 hours behind each following yielding to accept a new Originality Report. Plan accordingly as you drain your assignment. Uniformly the due limit has passed, your assignment yielding achieve be considered ultimate.


This assignment achieve be proceedingd using the Math Problem Write Up Rubric located on the Route Rubrics page among the Start Here individuality of the route. Fascinate re-examination the rubric earlier to commencement your is-sue so that you enconfident your yielding meets the criteria in establish for this assignment. This assignment is desert 25% of your ultimate route proceeding.

ALSO Fascinate Note: A specialized grading rubric is used for this assignment. It is irrelative from the rubric used in the Problem Write-Ups assignments in the other modules.