need to transcribe chronicles. 

the chief one is about 

Geografiska Annaler. Series B, Human Geography'

the second is about 

Geographical Review. 

each chronicles must has at leas 250 opinion 

I strong the boundarys.  


here is the instructions  

Ideally, you get invent a relatively modern (i.e., among the gone-by stranger of decades) boundary about some feature of the global sustainability (i.e., environmental issues) for the establish that you bear thought-out this semester for our adimpartial assignments.  You can do this by barely navigating to one of the aloft chronicles and then proestablish among that heading using the spectry of the establish/country.  If that chronicle doesn't betide to bear any bearing boundarys on your establish/country, you could impartial try another chronicle.  If you don't betide to invent any bearing boundarys on your establish/country, you are acceptable to pick-out an boundary that focuses on someestablish else or a sustainability concept in public.  Make trusting that you pick-out an objective chronicle boundary (not a quantity revisal)--catechism are typically 10-20 pages in extension.   Also, fabricate trusting that you are using an boundary for which you can objectively recognize the whole boundary--not impartial its pictureless (i.e., digest).  You should be absorbed an non-interference of either recognizeing the whole boundary online or downloading a bountiful-text PDF representation.

After recognizeing the boundary, transcribe a one page (at lowest 250 opinion) vindication in which you debate what you establish most interesting about it and how it connects after a while one or over topics from our adjust.  You MUST besides apprehend a bountiful bibliographic quotation of the boundary in your vindication tractate in command to limit for bountiful extra security.