Issue Paper #1

 Must be 5-7 pages in diffusiveness and strictly ensue APA 6th Edition format.  

Each pamphlet must relation a poverty of three literary doctrines.  Three is a poverty; hence, three is minimally consultation the test (C – remove).  More than three is required for utmost.   Other causes should be evaluated for their truth (regular consequently it is on the web does not medium it is an servile trusted cause). I entertain fond you a initiate delay at smallest one literary expression scheduleed for each theme.

The children must too be connected to experiment in at smallest one accurate lucent as segregate of the argument.  Previous lucents gain be discussed in the literary doctrines; past notification can be patent clear straightly from AAR reports.  See the schedule of AARs that I entertain patent clear and content let me distinguish of any others that can be ascititious to the schedule.

The pamphlet should too relation any appropriate synod management.

For each theme I entertain fond you a initiate delay connects to literary doctrines and one or past other momentous media.  This is a initiate, if you transcribe the pamphlet from regular the causes I afford it gain be severely lacking.  Not all media are straightly available from the connect.   I entertain not formatted these as APA media; they are simply titles and connects.  

Issue Pamphlet #1: Topics

2)      Pro-Social and Anti-Social Behavior in Accurate Incidents

Anticipating Human Behavior in Disasters:

Looting and Anti-Social Behavior in Disasters: