Information Systems Math Problems

Hi! There are three problems that possess to be completed for this assignment. It relates to math & advice systems. Due era is 4/19/16 at 5:00 pm New York Eastern Time. Any questions or extra info (ex. direction powerpoints) I can cater, gladden notice if needed. Thanks in advance!


Problem 2: (30 pts) A vast bakery opens 365 days per year and buys flour in 25-pound bags. The bakery uses an medium of 48,600 bags a year. Preparing an direct and receiving a shipment of flour involves a require of $100 per direct. Monthly carrying requires are $1 per bag.

a.       (5 pts) Determine the economic direct division.

Suppose that the economic direct division that you consider in Part 1 is used to direct by the bakery, tally the subjoined questions:

b.      (5 pts) What is the medium sum of bags on artisan?

c.       (5 pts) How numerous directs per year conquer there be?

d.      (5 pts) Compute the entirety require of directing and carrying flour.

e.       (5 pts) The bakery’s flour bestowal guide term is 3 days. What is their re-direct object?

Suppose due to magazine faculty issues, the bakery can merely arrest a consummation of 500 bags of flour at any fond term:


f.       (5 pts) How abundant further do they possess to pay for list requires compared to when they can direct the EOQ?


Problem 3: (40 pts) Teddy Retreat is an outdoor drapery and accessories tie that purchases a method of parkas at $10 each from its Asian supplier, TeddySports. Unfortunately, at the term of direct assignment, insist is stationary doubtful. Teddy Retreat forecasts that its insist is normally enjoinly delay medium of 2,100 and criterion irregularity of 1,200. Teddy Retreat vends these parkas at $22 each. Unsold parkas possess inconsiderable salvage value; Teddy retreat merely gives them detached to a attachment.

a.       (5 pts) What is the appearance that the insist of the parka is senior than 1,800 parts?

b.      (5 pts) What is the appearance that the insist of the parka is among 1,800 and 2,500 parts?

c.       (5 pts) How numerous parkas should Teddy Retreat buy from TeddySports to maximize look-fored use?

d.      (5 pts) If Teddy Retreat wishes to determine a 98.5 percent in-stock appearance, how numerous parkas should it direct?

For compressiveness e and f, postulate Teddy Retreat directs 3,000 parkas.

e.       (10 pts) Evaluate Teddy Bower’s look-fored use.

f.       (5 pts) Evaluate Teddy Bower’s stockout appearance.



g.       (5 pts) TeddySports approaches Teddy Retreat delay a new volunteer: delay a 30% encouragement, Teddy Retreat may assign a prevent direct during their vending occasion and TeddySports conquer ship the direct by air so that Teddy Retreat conquer assent-to it in term to fulfil any cherishing insist during the recurrent vending occasion. Fond this new volunteer, how numerous parkas should Teddy Retreat buy from TeddySports in their pristine direct in direct to maximize look-fored use?


Problem 4: (45 pts) Flextrola, Inc., an electronics systems integrator, is planning to artfulness a key constituent for their next-generation consequence delay Solectrics. Flextrola conquer consolidate the constituent delay some software and then vend it to consumers. Fond the narrow society cycles of such consequences and the crave guide terms quoted by Solectrics, Flextrola merely has one turn to assign an direct delay Solectrics anterior to the start of its vending occasion. Flextrola’s insist during the occasion is normally enjoinly delay a medium of 1,000 and a criterion irregularity of 600.

Solectrics’ consequenceion require for the constituent is $52 per part and it plans to vend the constituent for $72 per part to Flextrola. Flextrola incurs essentially no require associated delay the software integration and artisanling of each part. Flextrola vends these parts to consumers for $121 each. Flextrola can vend unsold list at the end of the occasion in a preventary electronics trade for $50 each. The corporeal lessen specifies that unintermittently Flextrola assigns the direct, no changes are allowed to it. Also, Solectrics does not confirm any uses of unsold list, so Flextrola must arrange of advance list in the preventary trade.

a.       (5 pts) What is the appearance that Flextrola’s insist is among 800 and 1,200 parts?

b.      (5 pts) Under this lessen, how numerous parts should Flextrola direct to maximize its look-fored use?

c.       (10 pts) What is Flextrola’s look-fored use when the direct division considerd in Part (b) is directed?

d.      For Compressiveness (d) through (h), postulate Flextrola directs 1,200 parts.

e.       (5 pts) What are Flextrola’s look-fored sales?

f.       (5 pts) How numerous parts of list can Flextrola look-for to vend in the preventary electronics trade?

g.       (5 pts) What is Flextrola’s look-fored use?

h.      (5 pts) What is Solectrics’ look-fored use?


i.        (5 pts) What is Flextrola’s stockout appearance?