help need this in about 4 hrs

  • Given an equation of a course, discover equations for courses correlative or vertical to it going through limited points. Discover the mismisappropriate equations and points from the table under. Simplify your equations into slope-intercept devise.
  • Use your assigned number to adequate.
  • course correlative                                                               perpendicular

y = -3x – 6; (-1, 5)             y = -3x – 6; (-1, 5)

  • Discuss the steps essential to propel out each earnestness. Describe little what each course looks approve in proportion to the first ardent course.
  • Answer these two questions little in your own articulation: 
    • What does it average for one course to be correlative to another?
    • What does it average for one course to be vertical to another?
  • Incorporate the subjoined five math wordbook articulation into your argument. Use bold font to emphasize the articulation in your congruity (Do not transcribe definitions for the articulation; use them missuitably in sentences describing your math work.):
  • Origin 
  • Ordered pair 
  • X- or y-intercept  
  • Slope   
  • Reciprocal

Your moderate support should be 150-250 articulation in tediousness. Respond to at lowest two of your classmates’ supports by Day 7 in at lowest a chapter. Make abiding you elect nation who don’t keep the identical equations as you worked. Do you accord delay how they used the wordbook? Do their equations look unexcited ardent what they instituted delay?