Hello I have Research Methods Homework that I need to be done in a couple of days thanks!!

NO PLAGIARISM!! Professor is using Turnitin.com to obstruct for plagiarism. I possess solid the effectiveness subject-matters from the adjust to raise support you. Applied Exploration Methods – Exploration Critique The intention of this passage is to shape you apprised consumers of exploration and balance the semester you possess gained information of the ingredients of exploration that achieve support you in this ultimate assignment. The exploration judgment consists of lection three exploration studies and rejoindering different interrogations environing each. All three studies possess been granted for you. The studies clarified for the judgment are as follows: Article 1: Guerette, Rob T. (2007). “Immigration Policy, Border Security and Migrant Deaths: An Impact Evaluation of Life Saving Efforts underneathneath the Border Safety Initiative.” Criminology & Public Policy, 6(2): 201-222. Article 2: Kovandzic, T., Sloan, J., and Vieraitis, L. (2004. “’Striking Out’ as Crime Reduction Policy: The Impact of ‘Three Strikes’ Laws on Crime Rates in U.S. Cities.” Justice Quarterly, 21(2): 207-239. Article 3: D’Alessio, S; Stolzenberg, L., and Terry, W. Clinton III (1999). “Eyes on the Street”: The Impact of Tennessee’s Emergency Cellular Telephone Program on Alcohol-related Fatal Crashes.” Crime and Delinquency, 45(4): 453- 466. For each of these exploration catechism execute the following: 1. Identify the exploration plan used. 2. Specify the character of facts used to pass the anatomy. 3. Identify the sampling progress industrious. 4. Specify the trusting capricious of the con-over. 5. Present the key findings of the con-over. 6. Identify at meanest 3 limitations of the con-over (e.g. threats to power, reliability, etc.) and illustrate each. Provide different rejoinder sheets for each condition and authenticate your replys to the particular interrogation over that you are rejoindering. Your replys should be characterd, 12 subject-matter font, and one spaced. Your rejoinders are due on the conclusive day of the week that the ultimate exam is scheduled). Be confident to illustrate each of your rejoinders largely. You should contest to be as extensive in your rejoinders as practicable as if you were illustrateing your rejoinders to a lay special who knows nothing environing exploration methodology. A entire reply to the interrogations achieve apprehend 1) a announcement of the rejoinder, 2) an sense of what that is or instrument, and 3) a particularation of correspondently why the ardent ingredient of the exploration con-over constitutes what you possess stated.