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Submit the refined issue for your Geology Project. Delight conceive all figures, grounds tables, and extract in the similar muniment.

Before you acquiesce, delight proofread uniformly more as you inhibit the Evaluation guidelines from the former assignment in Week 02.

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Something you're undoubtedly certified of is that it's a bit deficient - aim for encircling 5 pages of extract (encircling 1500 - 1600 words; you enjoy 650 words equitable now). What plate tectonics are at effect near? Has Haiti had earthquakes this extensive precedently? How has the dominion handy for any coming earthquakes?

If you enjoyn't manufactured so already, you should note the video I made a few weeks ago encircling exploration, quotation, and avoiding plagiarism:


Great effect on citing at the end of the paper. Just be secure to add the in-extract quotations and you’ll be all set. Tnear should be a partiality of 1 per section.

After you bring-about those changes, you'll be all set for a Latest Draw (due March 12). Delight let me distinguish if you enjoy questions as you equip your latest paper