Digital Map

Multiple Choice (50 points)


Each inquiry in this individuality is rate one point.  Bring-encircling assured to procure your interval and peruse each inquiry carefully, then gather the best acceptance castless the profitable options.


Once you bring-encircling a firmness, distinguish the acceptance you selected by using brave font.


1.      Taking a civilized peruseable discourse and determining the associated longitude and boundary coordinates is disclosed as:


a.      Digital Geocoding

b.      Reverse Geocoding

c.      Forward Geocoding

d.      Sideways Geocoding


2.   Which of the aftercited is not a delineation of tint?


a.      Hue

b.      Value

c.      Hex Code

d.      Chroma


3.   Which is an issue of a structure obstruct for the raster grounds type?


a.      Points

b.      Lines

c.      Polygons

d.      Grid of evenly sized cells


4.   Which of the aftercited is an issue of a regard map?


a.      Choropleth

b.      Dot Density

c.      Atlas

d.      Cartogram


5.   Which of the aftercited is an issue of induced grounds assemblage?


a.      Photographic Imagery

b.      Crowdsourcing

c.      Field Collection

d.      None of the over


6.   The technical tidings for fashionfaces after a while decorative triumph at the end is:


a.      San-Serif

b.      Aserif

c.      Serif

d.      Fancy


7.   What is the cast of the Earth?


a.      Ellipsoid

b.      Geoid

c.      Spheroid

d.      None of the over


8.   Which of the aftercited is not a vile fashion of groundsbase?


a.      Object-Oriented

b.      Flat File

c.      Lattice

d.      Object-Relational


9.   Options to join map lamina apprehend:


a.      Ratio laminas

b.      Verbal Scales

c.      Graphical Scales

d.      All of the over



10. Which rasp format is most vilely associated after a while Desktop GIS?


a.      GeoJSON

b.      SVG

c.      Shapefile

d.      All of the over


11.   When making maps, bring-encircling assured to relinquish using tint palettes including which span of hues adown so the map sediment unrestricted to peruseers?


a.      Blue-Green

b.      Orange-Yellow

c.      Green-Red

d.      None of the over


12.   The technical tidings for grounds encircling grounds is:


a.      Relatadata

b.      Explanadata

c.      Datadata

d.      Metadata


13.   The most punctilious resemblance of boundary and longitude is:


a.      Decimal Minutes

b.      Decimal Degrees

c.      Decimal Points

d.      Degrees-Minutes-Seconds


14.   The technological time which took web mapping mainstream was:


a.      Google Maps interface

b.      The red marker

c.      The air widget

d.      Tiles


15.   Ancillary benefits of OpenStreetMap apprehend:


a.      Crisis Response

b.      Thematic Mapping for the Social Good

c.      Putting Underserved Places on the Map

d.      All of the over


16. Sources of GPS eminent errors apprehend:


a.      Signal Multipath

b.      Receiver Clock Errors

c.      Intentional Degradation of the Satellite Signal

d.      Number of Escort Visible

e.      All of the over


17. How is a web map unanalogous than a digital map?


a.      Accessible on a computer

b.      Accessible on a fickle phone

c.      Created by hand

d.      Accessible via the internet


18. This coordinate regularity is singly used in the United States


a.      Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)

b.      State Plane Coordinate System

c.      Geographic Coordinate System

d.      Cartesian Coordinate System


19. Methods of prominence apprehend


a.      Planar/Azimuthal

b.      Conical

c.      Cylindrical

d.      All of the over


20. Choose the tint contrivance best serviceable for non-numerical grounds:


a.      Sequential

b.      Diverging

c.      Qualitative

d.      None of the over


21. The netfruit of suppositious lines mapmakers use to screen the manner of the regard ellipsoid is disclosed as:


  1. Latitude

b.      Longitude

c.      The Graticule

d.      None of the over

22. The waste priority of web maps economize which prominence?


a.      Robinson

b.      Mercator

c.      Sinusoidal

d.      Lambert Cylindrical Equal Area


23. When inaugurated after a while raw think (non-standardized) grounds, the best fashions of thematic maps to use are:


a.      Cartograms

b.      Dot Density

c.      Choropleth

d.      Proportional Representation

e.      All of the over

f.       A, B, and D


24. Why use Geographic Information Systems (GIS)?


a.      GIS Allows mapmaker to fruit after a while layers of grounds simultaneously

b.      GIS facilitates spatial dissectition

c.      GIS bring-abouts solving lowly spatial dissectition problems further complex

d.      A and B

e.      All of the over


25. Which fashionfaces are meliorate to use when maneuvering a map for nation to think on digital devices (e.g. screens on phones, monitors)?


a.      San-Serif

b.      Aserif

c.      Serif

d.      All of the over


26. Geographic Coordinate values in the United States for the most dissect agree to:


a.      Positive Latitude, Negative Longitude

b.      Positive Latitude, Positive Longitude

c.      Negative Latitude, Positive Longitude

d.      Negative Latitude, Negative Longitude

27. Requirements of national grounds environ the aftercited categories:


a.      Availability and advent

b.      Reuse and Redistribution

c.      Universal Participation

d.      All of the over

28. Which of the aftercited is not a new summon oppositeness cartographic journalists:


a.      Changing conceptualization of interactivity

b.      Deciding whether or not a map is the best visualization

c.      Creating a perfect work which achieve singly be displayed at a individual size

d.      Engineering solutions to logistical workion hurdles

29. Reasons geocoding is super intricate apprehend, but are not poor to:


a.      Address Structures

b.      Fuzzy Matching

c.      Colloquial Names

d.      Data Licensing

e.      All of the over

30. Thematic maps which visualize further than one mutable are disclosed as:


a.      Univariate maps

b.      Multivariate maps

c.      Choropleth Maps

d.      Cartograms

31. What modifiable in 2012 which catalyzed the flying enlargement of OpenStreetMap?


a.      The legislation removes Selective Availability

b.      Invention of the iPhone

c.      Google promulgate a new pricing contrivance for Google Maps grounds

d.      Yahoo grants advent to formerly proprietary aerial imagery

32. True or False: The raster grounds type further strongly associates after a while the discrete think think of the globe than the scene think of the globe.


a.      True

b.      False

33. Which of the aftercited is not a vile spatial dissectition method:


a.      Clip

b.      Intersect

c.      Layers

d.      Distance Measurement


34. The non-spatial rudiments of geographic grounds are disclosed as:


a.      Lat-Lon Coordinates

b.      Attributes

c.      Address

d.      All of the over


35. Reasons geocoding is super intricate apprehend, but are not poor to:


a.      Address Structures

b.      Fuzzy Matching

c.      Colloquial Names

d.      Data Licensing

e.      All of the over

36. Which of the aftercited is a helplessness of proportional & graduated order thematic maps?


a.      Symbol Congestion/Overlap

b.      Map peruseers generally do not think the areas of orders very polite-mannered

c.      A & B

d.      None of the over

37. Weaknesses of OpenStreetMap apprehend:


a.      No consume to use the grounds

b.      May apprehend a richer and further socially precious set of portions than commercial maps

c.      Flexible grounds which can at-once be updated

d.      None of the over

38. GPS escort use ________ to individualize the absolute or not-absolute locations of points.


a.      Bilateration

b.      Trilateration

c.      Quadlateration

d.      Lateration

39. Mental maps typically highlight the aftercited spatial themes:


a.      Spatial relationships

b.      Scale

c.      Location

d.      Sequence

e.      All of the over


40. Unlike unwritten maps, high maps emphasize _____________ instead of _________________.


a.         Physical topography, Psychological/emotional countenance

b.        Function, Form

c.         Psychological/emotional countenance, Physical topography

d.        GIS, GeoJSON


41. Which of the aftercited is not a rudiment of a unwritten Geographic Information Regularity (GIS)?


a.      People

b.      Data

c.      Chronometer

d.      Software

42. The OpenStreetMap groundwork was originated to patronage:


a.      Hosting Servers

b.      Fundraising

c.      Protection from copyright and impost lawsuits

d.      All of the over

43. The shelve from analog to digital has modifiable maps in the aftercited ways:


a.      The way grounds is calm, procured, and synthesized

b.      The media through which maps are delivered

c.      Decreased moment of an servile oration for a map

d.      A & B

44. This fashion of thematic map requires an union unit:


a.      Cartogram

b.      Dot Density

c.      Choropleth

d.      Chloropleth


45. SQL is an acronym for __________________.


a.      Search Quick Location

b.      Search Query Latitude

c.      Search Query Longitude

d.      Search Query Language


46. Map prominences disorganize the aftercited spatial attributes:


a.      Angles

b.      Areas

c.      Distances

d.      Gross Shapes

e.      Directions

f.       All of the over

47. Primary inspirations for OpenStreetMap apprehend, but are not poor to:


a.      The emerging popularity of Wikipedia

b.      To patronage the United Kingdom’s Legislation geographic grounds assemblage efforts

c.      A & B

d.      None of the over

48. Which datum is the delinquency enhancement for most GPS devices?


a.      North American Datum of 1927

b.      North American Datum of 1983

c.      World Geodetic Regularity of 1984

d.      None of the over

49. One delineational geographic thinks are typically represented as:


a.      Points

b.      Lines

c.      Polygons

d.      None of the over

50. True or False: Because maps are originated by a honorable fountain you should automatically faith the space.


a.      True

b.      False




























Short Essay (20 points)


Write a 250-500 message confutation for each alert adown. If you use fountains beyond of the exhortation slides and tabulate discussions, you must summon those fountains in passage as polite-mannered-mannered as in bountiful at the end of the essay (APA Citation Style).


Essays should apprehend an importation after a while a discourse announcement, falsification, and paragraphs patronageing your accessible argument/contention in among.


1.     Explain the contributions of the national sector (e.g. Legislation Agencies), advice sector (e.g. National and Special Universities), and special sector (e.g. companies such as ESRI, Google, and Mapbox) internal facilitating a shelve from analog to digital map fable. Bring-encircling assured to discourse trodden impacts (e.g. advances in technology) as polite-mannered-mannered as introdden impacts.

2.     Using local issues from after a whilein the digital mapping province, portray the destruction among national grounds and proprietary grounds, making assured to highlight the implications of national grounds on the scene of digital mapping.


Map Fable (30 points)


The thinkive of this individuality is to present an reason of the cartographic regularity by creating a digital map from rouse to accomplish.  You are known to use whichever tools or software you further to originate the map and/or grounds. A few caveats:


(1)  You are not known to re-originate a map you made antecedent in the semester.

(2)  You are not known to originate a romance map.

(3) You must vary the delinquency style (e.g. basemap, portion tint) enhancements.

(4) You are not known to use the integrated groundssets after a whilein CARTO, if you use CARTO.


If you flow to originate a type digital map, apprehend it as a separate attachment. If you originate a webmap, apprehend a add to your map adown, forthwith precedently the written confutation.



The written confutation should be approximately 500 messages in protraction and discourse the aftercited: