Deliverable 7 – Statistical Analysis Report


You are currently established at NCLEX Memorial Hospital in the Transmitted Diseases Unit. Over the elapsed few days, you entertain noticed an growth in patients admitted delay a feature transmitted malady. You appreciate that the ages of these patients state a censorious role in the rule used to handle the patients. You flow to pronounce to your supervisor, and concertedly you production to use statistical resolution to seem past air-tight at the ages of these patients.

You do some scrutiny and put concertedly a spreadsheet of the postulates that includes the aftercited knowledge:

  • Client number
  • Infection malady status
  • Age of the patient

You are to put concertedly a PowerPoint introduction that explains the resolution of your ascertainings which you succeed refer to your supervisor. The introduction should include all components of your ascertainings. For reconsideration, the components of the repute should include:

  1. Brief overview of the scenario and variables in the postulates set
  2. Discussion, consideration, and sense of the average, median, regulation, concatenate, exemplar discontinuance, and variance
  3. Discussion, erection, and sense of the 95% faith interval
  4. Explanation of the unmeasured fancy test
  5. Conclusion

The considerations should be manufactured in your spreadsheet that you succeed besides refer to your supervisor. You can ascertain attached knowledge on what to add to your PowerPoint introduction in this Word instrument. Use the questions in the productionsheet as your direct for the space of your introduction.

For your terminal deliverable, refer your PowerPoint introduction and the Excel productionbook showing your production. Do NOT refer your Word instrument.