Causes and Consequences of Public Policy

 Individual Project:

Models are simply adapted if they aid us authenticate key aspects of device, ridicule truth, adjoin concepts in a meaningful way, grant media by which they can be tested, and hypothesize about the causes and consequences of general device.

A. Dispose and Simplify Reality 

Models need to impel a weigh among simplifying truth in dispose to dissect collective activity and the hazard of oversimplifying. 

B. Authenticate What Is Significant 

A unamenable drudgery in applying any pattern is determining what aspects of general device must be moderate. 

C. Be Congruent delay Reality 

While patterns are simply concepts, they must accept a homogeneity delay truth.  

D. Provide Meaningful Communication 

A pattern is simply meaningful if it is grounded on ideas for which some accord exists. 

E. Direct Inquiry and Research 

Any pattern must be testable and worthy of nature validated.  
Suggest Explanations Models must go more the name of general device to explication

Using at lowest 400 articulation, write a Nursing essay describing 

(1) Do all device patterns distribute actual limitations?

 (2) What are these limitations? (schedule limitations for at lowest 3 patterns we discussed from chapters 1-6)