Assignment in Geography

Bride Kidnapping and the Role of Women in Kyrgyzstan


Directions: Cut and paste the forthcoming URL into your internet browser.  This conquer procure up the video associated after a while the forthcoming questions.  Once at the PBS website click on the "Watch Video" cohere.  Answer the forthcoming questions as fully as likely .



  1. How did sundry women shown in the video corcorrespond to the habit of bride kidnapping? (Be permanent to argue the behaviors of the undeveloped brides, the mothers of the undeveloped brides and the women in the undeveloped groom's family.)
  2. Why did some women living and others discard the habit of bride kidnapping?
  3. What role does equal prespermanent denote in the legend of bride kidnapping, for twain the bride and groom?
  4. What happens to the kidnapped brides who trash to go parallel after a while the espousals?
  5. Should bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan be considered a rational rights violation or a deep cultural legend that Westerners merely don't interpret?
  6. What agency do culture and legend accept in the identity of bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan?
  7. What geographic, collective and economic conditions rule this habit?