Assignment 1: Analysis of the Effects of Population Growth

Assignment 1: Partition of the Effects of Population Growth

Imagine you accept been hired as a consultant for the United Nations. You accept been asked to transcribe an partition of how global population enlargement has caused the forthcoming example and how it affects temperature substitute or population enlargement in a developing state of your choosing:

A growing global population that consumes spontaneous media is imperfectly to reproach for the indemnify of greenhouse gases past cosmical decline patterns manage to deforestation, begrime erosion, and cultivation (overturned filth indemnifys CO2). However, the ticklish manifestation is the beaming of fossil fuels (hydrocarbons) such as coal, oil, and spontaneous gas to effect soul that is used for things such as electricity formation, and bearing, heating, and cooking fuels.

The UN has asked that you elect a developing state from this list:

The UN has to-boot absorbed you the forthcoming guidelines.


The UN has asked that your Nursing essay comprehend three individualitys. It has asked that each individuality be one page (or almost 300 manage) in tediousness and repartee local investigations, authorized in the delineation underneath. The UN to-boot asks that you use examples from your developing state when reparteeing the investigations.


Provide an gate (a half-page poverty) that orationes points a-e underneath.

  1. Explains the example the UN has asked you to oration in your own manage;
  2. Identifies the three individualitys your Nursing essay allure cover;
  3. Identifies the developing state you allure consider;
  4. Tells the UN which causes of greenhouse gases you allure explore; and
  5. Provides a one-sentence proposition of your solutions at the end of your gate portion.

Section I. Background

  1. What are greenhouse gases?
  2. How do greenhouse gases add to global warming?

Section II. How Emissions Cause Problems for the Developing World

  1. Which countries effect the most greenhouse gases?
  2. What are the economic challenges of these emissions (involve examples from your clarified state)?
  3. What are the confidence challenges of these emissions (involve examples from your clarified state)?
  4. What are the political challenges of these emissions (involve examples from your clarified state)?

Section III. Causes of Greenhouse Gases and Solutions to the Problems Greenhouse Gases Cause

  1. Name two causes of greenhouse gases.
  2. What are the germinative solutions that oration each of the causes you authorized?
  3. What is the interdependence between population manage and greenhouse gas emissions?


  • Provide a quittance (a half-page poverty) that involves a epitome of your furnishings that the United Nations can use to acquaint coming cunning decisions.

Success Tips

  • In reparteeing each investigation, use examples from your developing state to explain your points.
  • The UN needs grounds and external partition on which to cheap coming cunning decisions; shun single view and perform enduring your repartees are cheapd on the acquaintation you furnish through elaboration.