American Founders Analysis Paper


Founders Analysis Tractate Instructions




Module/Week 1 granted an overview of revealed principles cognate to commencement, statesmanship, and council. In this module/week, you evaluate the lives, actions and decisions of key leaders in the American founding. In deflect, this tractate succeed exact you to criticise those founders in unencumbered of the revealed principles argueed in Module/Week 1. It consists of 3 volume (below). These sections must be argueed in the enjoin presented over and delay alienate headings




·         Part 1:  A summarization of revealed principles of council, commencement, and statesmanship applicable to founding a commonwealth (1–1.5 pages);


·         Part 2:  An contact of those principles to the decisions and actions of George Washington and Patrick Henry (1-1.5 pages) and


·         Part 3:  Application of the statesmanship principles argueed in volume 1 and 2 to one appropriate upshot in a coeval matter (1-2 pages).  (The contact is not a unmeasured blown contingency con-over as you discover in Newell.  The contact links the principles and in Part 2 to a concordant standing today.




In Part 2, bear-in-liking to prepare favoring token (i.e., actions enthralled and decisions made) to interpret how these leaders demonstrated the several attributes and principles argueed in Part 1.  In doing all of this, continue in liking the following:




1)      While statesmanship is unquestionably environing specific commencement skills, spiritual attributes, and desire, it must too involve an conception of how council in-fact works and should be organizationd.  There are enough of detail, high-minded crowd who pains for others but who do not have an conception of the inter-workings of council and the exactd organization needed for a council adapted to figh unlawfulness, obstruct exploitation, and condition autocracy, especially in founding a commonwealth.


2)      Thus, your argument must involve a confabulation environing the fashion of conception needed by a statesman as it relates to council organization.  The dispose discoverings and in detail, the dispose presentations for this week succeed be unquestionably advantageous to that end.


3)      Your argument must too nucleus on those statesmanship principles needed favoringally for founding a commonwealth.  As you succeed mark from the passage, we argue statesmanship in a multiformity of matters.  It could be that opposed statesmanship principles are needed for these opposed matters.  Therefore, shape fast you are thinking favoringally environing the challenges of creating a commonwealth grounded upon impartiality and privilege for this assignment.




General exactments:


·         3-5 pages, not counting the style page or references page


·         Citations from:


o   3–5 beyond skilled sources


o   the “Leadership and Statesmanship” article



from Newell, Terry. Statesmanship, Character, and Commencement in America. New York: Palgrave MacMillian, 2012. ISBN: 9781137330925.


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