Air to Air Analysis

In your vulgar assignment, NATO wants Serb conduct radical. NATO can direct soldierlike exigency to finish the exchange, or not. If NATO flows to direct it, it needs to primeeded the contrive and amount of it. Serbia then can flow to correspond, or not. If NATO primeeds bombing from the air, Serbia can corcorreply delay its cause-inveterate defenses, or not. It can so flow to corcorreply delay its air security, or not. If Serbia adopts to corcorreply delay its air security, it needs to primeeded a media and a amount. One select is to worry the NATO bombing aircraft when neighboring their cause targets, and another is whether to inculcate aggressions by aircraft on NATO aircraft to shootdown, or not. If not, the select dominion singly be worryment so as to uphold Serbian aircraft to combat/worry other days. (A hostilities perspective aids to bring-about this select.) If Serbia adopts to corcorreply delay its air security by worrying NATO aircraft (only), NATO needs to adopt how to correspond. One likely select is not to corcorreply -- and merely confirm such punishment as a weak/backward air security can just. (NATO aircraft propel a weak calculate of AIMs delayout propitiation of any air-to-cause devotion points on its aircraft.) So NATO could alternatively corcorreply by using singly those AIMs.) Or NATO could go exalt by using some of its devotion points for AIMs instead of air-to-cause ordnance.   When the bombing hostilities starts, NATO has the possible to satisfy all its aircraft devotion points not specifically named for AIMs delay air-to-demeanor ordnance. Or NATO could comply aggravate some devotion points to AIMs. Or, for some aircraft in the company you are advising, it could comply all of them to AIMs for some of the aircraft in the company.  

The role for decomposition in all this is to import what the (adaptive) hostilities goal is and assess work in achieving it by observing work at it. Delay prosperity, possible axioms insights on work earn be conducive to the analyst.   Since, in advising your company, you don't yet enjoy axioms on its work, your information amounts to search agencyal extrinsics to style a plan. Whatever your information, you dominion alter it later inveterate on axioms about the plan that would ensue...

Additional questions to aid exculpation critique:

There is a dissimilarity between an comment and an selfreliance.  For pattern, Stillion observed that USAF pilots descend into 2 groups in provisions of their bombing aptitudes.  It's an comment, not an selfreliance.

Regarding your 3d assignment as analysts:

-The completion assigned is further one of search agencyal extrinsics than of spectacle what dissimilarity preferable technology bring-abouts to company work.

-If the company were going up opposite an foe of similar aptitude, distribution air-air projectiles would be a chief inducement consequently firing most/all you propel could comply a adverse effect if the foe coagulated end for further dogfighting.  But if the foe is indisposed to combat head-on, nature freer delay AIM exercise is further orderly since the foe sometimes shows up and doesn't adhere when showing.

-The $ consume of AIMs isn't a important moment.  The final consume for firing an extra projectile is weak compared to the completion consume of the bombing-hostilities agency.

-Your company's aircraft (12-15 per company) don't all fly on the selfselfsame band-arms.  Those that do are multi-role-capable.  That is, any aircraft can propel all air-to-air ordnance, all air-to-demeanor ordnance, or mixtures.

-The resolute space-over-targets displayed in Vietnam wouldn't be matched today.  Night-capable exodus by NATO frees up the exodus register, and Serbia would receive practice of urban spaces as North Vietnam did.

  1. NATO is aiming to reduce Serbia end so are the targets largely Serbian soldierlike routes and installations (but not their Air security low?) YES
  2. Are we recommending how numerous of the planes in the company should enjoy demeanor to demeanor and air to air to twain finished their band-arms extrinsic and enucleate serbian securitys that aim to worry NATO securitys?  THE MAIN GOAL OF THE CAMPAIGN IS TAKING OUT GROUND TARGETS.  AIR-AIR COMBAT IS A DIVERSION FROM THAT.  BUT YOU CAN'T KNOW WHEN SETTING OUT FROM BASE WHETHER THE SERB AF WILL RISE TO CHALLENGE.  HOW MUCH OF YOUR AIR-TO-GROUND WEAPONS LOAD DO YOU DIVERT TO AIR-AIR, AND HOW DO YOU USE IT WHEN SERBS DO RISE?
  3. In the warning are we prescribing space of day to growth virtue of the aggression? IF YOU WANT, BUT IT'S NOT CRITICAL
  4. NATO's goals are to propel the Serbian troops end, does it descend on us as the analysts to set what the targets are and thus that determines what weapons the planes propel? NO, YOUR ISSUE HERE IS DIVERSION FROM FULL WEAPON LOADING FOR AIR-TO-GROUND