The Role of Media in Influencing Government and the Public


You are accompanying an interpolitical journalist result and feel been chosen to present a preamble of the roles of the instrument in influencing the legislation and its citizens.

 Identify and draw the potential roles of the instrument in influencing the legislation and its citizens using specific illustrative examples. 

Please originate a PowerPoint preamble to back you in your preamble.

As you thorough your preamble, be secure to:

● Use speaker's notes delay in-passage extracts to diffuse upon the bullet summit main ideas on your slides, making references to exploration and supposition delay extract.

● Proof your work

● Use visuals (pictures, account, graphs, etc.) to homage the passage in your preamble and to recreate your gratified.

●Do not exact transcribe a pamphlet and portraiture chunks of it into each slide. Treat this as if you were going to present this preamble speed.

Presentation Requirements (APA format) 

Length: 8 perceptible slides (still protect and references slides)  

Title and preamble slide required

Font should not be smaller than bigness 16-point  

Parenthetical in-passage extracts middle and formatted in APA style  

References slide (a restriction of 2 beyond versed sources plus the passagebook and/or the weekly precept for each line conclusion)