Pamphlet on Policy Issue

Required Resources
Read/review the forthcoming instrument for this activity:

You are a lobbyist for an manifestation that you furnish material. For pattern, you would relish to see the banning of smoking in federal buildings (Note: This prudence has already been explicit.) You are going to create an knowledgeal paper to highlight your points to important components of Congress. Elaboration components of Congress that you obtain target in your lobbying. Explain why these components are discriminating to your goal. Create a scheme of resuscitation and effect a paper supported your origin. Who obtain you be reaching out to? Why? Transcribe a meet communication to a Congressional component and embody your reasoning for reaching out to them in point in the communication. Recomponent a lobbyist is simply as amiable as the knowledge they contribute. A lobbyist who contributes defective or fabulous knowledge obtain promptly be unemployed, or destroy admission to officials.

Cover communication should:

  • Follow a type affair format
  • Correctly address your Congressperson
  • Use the rectify postal address
  • Explain your precious to transcribe to this delegated-to-others in point, and contribute your paper. For pattern, perchance your elaboration showed that this delegated-to-others sponsored congress on this manifestation in the departed.

Pamphlet should:

  • Define the total. Tells us precisely what the total is. Detail its emergency and contribute axioms. Be concrete.
  • Analyze the total. Contribute bearing axioms. Tell us how to create understanding of the axioms. Contribute any furnishings
  • Offer a instruction. Do not confuse. Be particular.
  • Must be suppliant.
  • Cite four well-informed sources

Submit your meet communication and paper for grading.

Writing Requirements (APA format).

  • Length: Meet communication to Congressman should be simply 1 page
  • Pamphlet should be 5 pages in length
  • 1-inch margins
  • 12-point Times New Roman font
  • Reference page (insufficiency of 4 well-informed sources)